CCW carry in Ohio parks ?

We frequently go to Dog parks in Columbus and the state parks in Ohio. Are these legal carry zones? Is is different in regards to park ownership? VS City owned or State or Federal?

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    Locations Prohibited To Carry Concealed Weapons Under The Ohio CCW Law:

    A licensee may carry a concealed weapon anywhere in Ohio, except for the specific places and circumstances listed below:

    Police station, Sheriff's office, state highway patrol station, premises controlled by the bureau of criminal identification and investigation, state correctional institution, jail, workhouse or Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Facility and other detention facilities.

    Airport Terminal

    State institution for the care and treatment of mentally ill or retarded individuals.

    Within a school safety zone

    Courthouses or building where courthouse is located.

    Any room or open air arena where liquor is dispensed.

    Any premises owned or leased by a public or private college, university or institution of higher learning, unless the weapon is locked in a motor vehicle.

    A church, synagogue, mosque, or place of worship, unless the church, synagogue, mosque or place of worship posts or permits otherwise.

    Child day-care center or family day-care home. However, this does not restrict the licensee residing in a home day care residence from carrying a concealed weapon in parts of the home not dedicated or used for the day care purposes.


    Any building owned or leased by the state of Ohio or political subdivision of the state of Ohio.

    Any place where federal law prohibits weapons.

    Any location and/or property where it is posted with a sign that no dangerous weapons are permitted on these premises, even if you have a valid license to carry such weapon(s).

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