Should Boise St. go independent in the near future?

They join the MWC just in time to see Utah and TCU get into an AQ situation. Let's say Boise dominates the MWC but hasn't reached a similar agreement. Would independent status allow them to improve their overall RPI while continuing to win a ton? Seems like that would put them in a better interim position than if they play a bunch of games against schools like Wyoming and UNLV.

Comparing the prospect of another year in a non AQ to a small independent run, I see a lot of upside to independence as the next step- until they get the AQ deal they want. Is there any downside? Any reason why independence would be a poor choice? And do you think they would be able to improve their RPI, or is that a bad guess?


Yea, I posted it using my Pre, which I usually don't do. There's certain things I can't do with that phone. Replying to questions is ok, but I can't rate anything. And as I recently found out, I don't get the option of choosing a category- although I would have expected a slightly better auto pick. I noticed this as soon as I posted the question, and then I found out I don't have the Edit option on my phone either.

I don't think I'm posting questions with that phone anymore.

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    That is a very good question. Well thought out, articulate, and worthy of a good answer. Too bad you posted it in the Caribbean Travel section by mistake.

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