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How do i determine if my camaro is TBI or TPI?

I have a '88 camaro z28, how do i tell if the 305 is a TBI or TPI?Also.. what does that stand for?

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    TBI - throttle body fuel injection

    TPI = Tune port fuel injection

    Look at the engine.. If the top center (intake) looks like this it's a TPI engine.

    If it just has a round air filter and housing on top center then it's a TBI engine, (looks something like this )

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    Roger you are excatly right!! I sold Chevys back then and I can't remember what year it was but the IROC Camaro had a 350 turned port injection engine. It had to be in '87 or '88 because in late '87 the 1/2 ton truck came out with a 350 engine but I think that it was a TBI rather than a TPI. Roger definetly deserves the best answer!

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    I have an 88 and it stands for throttle body injection if you open the hood that is the injection system that looks a lot like a carburetor sitting on the manifold. In fact the air filter housing on mine was the same as my 79 and it was the same air filter. TPI or tuned port injection came at a later date and was a lot different . the tpi came mostly on 90 and later models, had more power, better fuel mileage by a little bit and was not as dependable as the throttle body injection. If you look in the summit racing catolog there is a direct bolt on holley replacement tbi that is supposed to put out 25 percent more horsepower over stock, something you may like for 5 or 600 bucks.

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    An 88 Z 28 should really be a tpi, which does NOT have the round air cleaner on top of engine.

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    With all of the admiration going on, they forgot to answer one of your questions. A 1988 Z28 could have either one of these motors.

    You can tell the difference by looking at the top of the engine. A TBI motor will have the air cleaner on top of it. If you remove the top of the air cleaner, you'll see the throttle body injector(s) in the middle, right on top of the manifold where the carburetor would normally be. Some Chevy motors use 2 of these units.

    A TPI (tuned port injected) motor will have a nice clean top with an unobstructed view of the intake manifold. The runners from the manifold will come out and down to each intake valve, just like on any motor with port fuel injection.

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    Roger deserves the best answer? He really does? The TPI injection came out in '85, 3yrs before TBI hit the fbody, TPI wasn't just in the 90's, in fact it would have only been 90,91,92 before the LT1 came out for the Fbody in '93.

    So no, Roger doesn't deserve the best answer, as usual his info his horribly incorrect and the people that think he's right are just as uninformed.

    Keep trying Roger but you fail, TPI was well before TBI, especially in the Camaro/Firebird.

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    Tpi Camaro

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