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I've heard a lot about PLR articles and how you can make money from stuff other people wrote. True?

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    It is possible to make money from PLR (Private Label Rights) articles. Those are articles that other people have written, but those people gave up the rights to them. Meaning anyone can use them however they want (the original authors got paid to give up those rights). You could just get a PLR article and try to resell it, but that usually doesn't work - other people will find out that it's a free article and not worth paying for. Instead, you want to do something with it to add value to it (business people call that VAR - Value Added Reseller). Get a few articles on the same topic and combine and edit them into one bigger, more informative (and more "worthy") article or ebook. Something like that. There are quite a few sources of PLR content. One good one that I know about is the Resale Vault at You might want to check them out.

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    Of course you can't earn good money playing on the Internet!

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