how to steam my face to get rid of acne?

how should i steam my face? and should i use a cleanser after i steam it?

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    Steaming can be detrimental to your skin because of the heat, which can inflame, swell, and irritate your skin. The more frequent you steam, the more obvious your side effects will become. But every time you steam your face, you will inflame your skin even if it is not noticeable on top. Inflammation is a detriment - PERIOD. Do you know that acne is associated with inflammation? Do you know that acne is a bacterial problem, not steam or heat? Steam is just hot vapor water and water in any temperature is not antibacterial. This whole face stream is a hoax to aggravate your acne, instead. Lukewarm, tepid water is enough to soften the pores for extraction; there is no need for steaming your face with or without a cleanser.

    Acne is caused by the presence of oil, dead skin cells, and acne bacteria. The bacteria feeds off the oil and sticks with the dead skin cells, creates a clog in the pore. Ultimately, the bacteria produce inflammatory by-products that gives you the swelling and red bumps.

    -A well-formulated cleanser should help remove the daily excess oil build-up. During the day, you can blot your face if you get shinny with specially-made blotting paper or any soft tissue paper works.

    -A well-formulated exfoliant with 1-2% salicylic acid should help reduce mild inflammation, kill acne bacteria, and unclog pores. If you are allergic to aspirin, then your alternative is an alpha hydroxy acid such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid, etc.

    -A well-formulated acne medication with benzoyl peroxide should kill acne bacteria. It is best to combine this treatment with salicylic acid for optimal results. If you are sensitive to benzoyl peroxide, your alternative is a medication with sulfur/resorcinol.

    -A well-formulated sunscreen should prevent inflammation from the sun's UV-rays.

    Learn more facts from reputable sources.

    Forget the steaming; it is all silly spa needlessness. Give your skin a scientific solution that can effectively destroy acne and prevent future breakouts.

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    Steaming is a great way to smooth the skin and clear the bacteria from your face. I steam three times a week. First you star by cleaning the face with a gentle cleanser I recommended a foam cleanser then bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Poor the boiled water into a bowl and cover your head with a towel and put your face over the bowl but make sure you still have air flow to breath. I steam for about eight minutes then wash my face again followed by a honey mask for about fifteen minutes then rinse with warm water and finally close pores with a toner and moisturize. I do this Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and it really smooths my skin and evens out my complexion and removes my acne because it is taking out the bacteria that is in your pores and under your skin.

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    Exfoliate your skin once a week using a paste of honey and sugar. It's gentle and honey is very moisturizing so it'll help clear your skin. For a really good cream look for Monsia skincare online, its vitamin C and natural stuff which will help a ton with uneven skin and acne scars. They have toner, cleanser, night and day creams. Really good stuff and works like a charm if you use them properly along with good hygiene and a good diet.

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    You need to fill a bowl with boiling water, then put a towel over your head ,bend over the bowl and allow the steam to rise up to your face. You should wash your face clean before you start. When you have finished you need to moisturise............

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