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Immigration laws in the U.S., do you think they should be strict or lenient?

I would like to see everyones opinions on immigration because its such a big issue in our country. Do you think that the entire country should adapt similar laws like the Alabama and Arizona, or should we continue to be lenient towards illegal immigrants? Should they able to recieve Welfare and other government assistance even though they never paid taxes?

My parents were immigrants for 19 years but they worked tax paying jobs and never recieved government assistance. Last week when I went with my mother to her citizenship naturalization ceremony, I saw many people that were becoming citizens but they didnt speak any English at all. One of the guests told me that her father worked under the books for 22 years in America before he decided to apply for a greencard.

So what are your opinions? Should we enforce harsher laws or continue to be lenient?

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  • James
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    9 years ago
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    They are strict. Only problem is the feds REFUSE to enforce them which causes the individual states to have to make laws to protect the rights of tax payers and the citizens and try to curb the stealing that is being done by illegals. I have no problem with immigrants, that is who America is and what made us great. I do however have a problem with those who do not contribute tax revenues AND use our messed up system to obtain assistance from the hard working citizens who have trouble obtaining them for themselves when they need it.

    Source(s): Worked with them. Good people and in many cases work harder than we do. Pay and you can stay. Become legal.
  • 9 years ago

    The laws that Arizona (not sure about Alabama's) wants to pass mirror the federal immigration policy, they just want to actually support it.

    They don't call it "legal" immigration for a reason. A person who is an illegal immigration status should be treated like someone with a warrant. If someone who has a warrant for theft gets arrested for speeding, it comes up and he can be arrested for breaking the law. Yet for some reason, we shouldn't do that with illegal immigrants?

    Asking people to prove their immigration status in a state like AZ that has rampant illegal immigration is not some sort of evil racist plot. It's the solution to a very real problem.

    If your parents worked tax paying jobs, that means they had to be here legally; otherwise they would not be paying taxes. I have no problem with immigrants like your parents; they are exactly what makes this country great.

    So yeah..I'm all for enforcing the LAW. I don't see why people have a problem with that. And it's ridiculous to say someone that is for strict immigration enforcement is a racist because I don't care if they're an illegal immigrant from England or France. The law is the law. Not enforcing it is a slap in the face to the people like your parents (I assume) who waited the years and paid the fees and did all the right things.

  • BruceN
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    9 years ago

    Immigration Laws need to be neither too strict nor too lenient, but adaptable to fit individual circumstances. I was a Border Patrol Agent for a couple of years when I was younger. I think that anyone who says all illegals should be deported or all given amnesty is an idiot.

    We have plenty of real criminals in this country to catch, both foreign and native born. We don't have the time or resources to be investigating and deporting people guilty only of working as maids, busboys and landscapers without permission.

    Those aliens who come here to smuggle or commit other felonies should be jailed or deported quickly. But those who have tried to behave like good citizens, should pay a fine, be given temporary work visas, and allowed to apply for permanent residence like anyone else. That was the idea behind the bi-partisan Kennedy McCain Comprehensive Immigration Act of 2007, which President Bush begged the Congress to pass, before a few Congressional xenophobes threatened to filibuster.

    More importantly, we need to eliminate inflexible rules that straight-jacket DHS and Immigration Judges. Everyone should be allowed to apply for legal immigration either inside the US or out. USCIS and Judges should be able to decide whether to deport them, grant them adjustment of status, political asylum, humanitarian parole, or cancellation of removal based on the individual facts and circumstance. You can't make one-size-fits all determinations unless you want the system to jam up so badly you have to do an amnesty every 20 years to clear it.

  • 9 years ago

    My parents were on the same boat as your parents. They came here illegally but did everything they could with the power of attorney to receive social security numbers and work authorization so that hey can work tax paying jobs.

    Immigration is a wonderful thing when immigrants respect our country's laws and work hard to become citizens. Immigration is not a good thing when immigrants come here and fraud our country to receive, Welfare, free food, and free health benefits, all while working for cash jobs so that they don't leave a paper trail. I respect immigrants like our parents, but all of the immigrants that rape our country for money don't deserve to be here.

    Why should our hard earned tax paying money go to people who have done nothing for us?

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  • 5 years ago

    Our policies on both legal immigration and illegal migration should reflect the actual needs of the country not political expediency, activist pressure and/or the desires of business to drive down wages. Legitimate economists from both sides of the aisle should draft some realistic numbers on what would happen if another 11 million low skilled/low paid workers enter the real economy before anything is done. Acting on emotion alone is never wise.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think that there shouldn't be any immigration laws. It's stupid. Do these dumb nut realize that Native Americans were here first, and among those native tribes was the Aztecs and Aztecs are Mexican. Most of the East Coast is made up of Italians. Beyond that America is a HUGE melting pot. Thats what make the United States of America the freaking UNTIED STATED OF AMERICA. Helloooooo "UNITED". Immigration laws is the stupidest thing in the history of everything, other than John McCain running for president.

    Just my opinion, No Hate.

    Source(s): Ma Noggin.
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