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Moving from America to Canada?

I am 17, I would like to move when I'm 18. I would need a passport and to find an Apartment, assuming money is TOO big of a deal because I'll have too save up. How would I do this? Do I have to answer any questions? Do they only let certain people in? I have a clean record....

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    It's almost impossible for you to move here on your own with no skills.

    So what you'd have to do is this:

    Apply to a Canadian college or university.

    Once you're accepted, you then apply to our government for a study permit and student work permit.

    Those will allow you to live here legally and have a job to support yourself.

    For people who've gone to school and worked here, we have a special type of immigration called Canadian Experience Class -

    You'll most likely have to take out some student loans, but don't panic over it.

    For one thing, the costs of education in Canada are far cheaper than they are in the USA.

    Plus US student loans can be used for obtaining foreign education.

    It's a more time consuming process, but it works.

    And if your goal is making a life for yourself in Canada, it's worth the effort.

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    Sorry, but Canada has some fairly strict immigration policies.

    As an American you are free to visit Canada (with a passport, NEXUS pass, or enhanced driver's license) for up to 180 days. You may not attend school, work, or look for work while visiting. In order to stay longer you need a student visa, a work permit, or to apply for permanent residency.

    For a student visa you must first apply and be accepted to a Canadian university or college. You then apply for the visa at the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate. You'll need to a medical exam, submit to a background checks, and provide proof of finances. Typical eight months of tuition and living expenses runs around $35k to $40k for a foreign student.

    In order to apply for a work permit -- baring certain professions such as doctors, clergy, reporters, US citizens transfered to branch offices in Canada, etc. -- you need a job offer from a Canadian company which has received permission from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to hire foreign workers. Permission in only granted in professions where there is a shortage of Canadian workers -- typically extremely skilled jobs (i.e. with a specific college degree and work experience) or seasonal work (such as ski resorts). Finding a job offer at 18 is virtually impossible with 7% unemployment and 54% of Canadians having university degrees. Once you have the job offer, you may then apply for a work permit at the embassy or consulate. Again, medical exams, backgrooun checks, and proof of the job offer and finances are required.

    For permanent residency, you need either a specific job offer (above) and enough points (based on English/French testing, university degrees, age, etc.), a provincial nominee (famous artist, athlete, willing to work as a doctor in the far north, etc.), an investor (with $350k to invest), or immediate family (i.e. marry a Canadian). The process can also take years.

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    Passport. Also: contact the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate for the proper paperwork (immigration and work permit). then it would be even better if you had a job lined up before you come in

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    You're not eligible at 18. You need a skill or profession in demand in Canada, work experience, good health and a clean criminal record.

    Here's theprocess:

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    you need more than a passport and money you need an immigration visa and to get one you must be a skilled worker that Canada needs

    you must qualify to immigrate and have money to pay for the application fees

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    Americans are not allowed in easily. The government lets in people who are from terrible countries, people who are related to canadians, wealthy immigrants usually head out west and ect....If you are an average american and want to be a canadian citizen it might take a have to realize that canada is in close proximity to the us but the country is entirely different, different people from all backgraounds controlled liquor laws less strict jail times, better quality food, better welfare more attractive ( yet immature) girls, alot of old people and children everywhere...more sidewalks to walk on and its dreadfully cold in the winter obviously...theres also disability in canada that pays anyone if they have even just a minor back problem lol the nightclubs are everywhere not just in las vegas, theres alot more friendly people but theres also alot more delusional people and people who think the sun shines out of thier *** just because they are alive and breathe air...Oh and opening a small business here is risky because the taxes will kill ya...our skating rinks rule :) and donut shops poutines and coffee is better in the winter in my opinion you will find a new appreciation for everything when the temperatures reach like minus 15 degrees

    At ur age i am probably assuming you want to go to a university. Universities here are alot better because the degree is equivalent to all of them and you can easily transfer

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