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I want to buy a gun but afraid it will be murder weapon?

I found a guy on Craigslist who is selling a Taurus PT111 for $300. I want to buy it but how would I know it hasn't been part of a serious crime like murder? Should I buy it? I live in Tx by the way.

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    You can have the seller send the handgun to you c/o your favorite local gun store, which with its Federal Firearms License will charge about $20 to run a National Instant Criminal Background Check Systems (NICS) on you and, if you pass the test, provide you with a legal firearm transfer form that states when and from whom you purchased the weapon, absolving you of any crimes that may have been committed with it before then.

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    There's nothing wrong with buying a used gun from a private party. I've done this several times.

    If you have a trust issue, then don't do it. Go buy a new one from a regular gun store. Taurus pistols don't sell for that much more new.

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    Just note the name of the person and the date when you have bought it.

    (assuming the gun still has a serial number ;-)

    If not don´t touch it!

    edit: btw. A person that would sell you a weapon that was used to murder someone would be extreme stupid (and there for it´s very unlikely).

    I mean would you sell this gun or just try to make it " disappear"?

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    only buy via FFL.

    the FFL will run background checks on you & seller, makes sure the gun is legal and nothing wrong

    FFL will also run the serial.

    if the gun does turn out to be hot, you will have no responsibility as the change in ownership is well documented.

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  • Buy from a reputable gun dealer and it won't be an issue.

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