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Why are bull terriers exempt?

I'm in the UK, so most bull terriers I encounter are Staffies or staffie mixes.

Yesterday, as I was walking my very timid Saluki, on her lead, in an area where all dogs are required to be on leads, we were very nearly attacked YET AGAIN, by a bull terrier running loose.

This animal approached us, stiff legged and hackles raised and proceeded to try to circle us, growling, whilst I stood between it and my dog and tried to guard against it getting behind us.

This went on for a very scary 5 minutes, before the owner finally appeared, put it on a lead and without a word to me proceeded to beat the crap out of it, like it was the dogs fault it was owned by a moron. (the owner was a middle aged woman, with friends in tow, not some young lad)

On nearly every occasion that I take my dogs out, there is a bull terrier or two running out of control, causing distress to someone, whilst their generally indifferent owners look on.

My dog and myself have been attacked, and been bitten on THREE separate occasions whilst minding our own business, I was badly bitten on one occasion whilst trying to protect my dog from yet another unprovoked bull terrier attack, but police responded that it was my fault for trying to split up fighting dogs (my dog wasn't fighting, she was being ripped into savagely, all whilst on her lead.)

I have never been attacked by any other breed whilst out walking my dogs, nor have I ever witnessed the flagrant discourtesy, ignorance and apathy of these dogs owners with any other breed/ type.

These owners were not young hoodies or 'chavs', two were female, one quite elderly, the owners are of all ages, both genders and various backgrounds, the one thing they have in common is there total irresponsibility and a quite assurance that the law / rules / courtesy and common sense does not apply to themselves or their breed, because bull terrier owners are, by merit of being bull terrier owners, always right.

Why is this?

I'm sure there must be responsible, courteous people out there who own bull terriers, why have I never met one? (It's not just in one area, this has taken place in many locations, from areas of relative wilderness to town parks, in every county I have lived in.


For clarity I mean staffordshire bull terriers and mixes there of.

I don't blame the dog, ....although to be fair, the dogs usually seem to be the more intelligent out of dog and owner, the owners are the ones who possess fingers and thumbs and therefore in m mind it is their responsibility to clip on the lead and hold on to it.

Update 2:

police LOL, we don't have many police here, it took them 4 hours respond to a lady who was being hacked to death with an axe recently, I don't hold much hope that they would be of any assistance.

Like I said, I got badly bitten by one of these dogs a while back, I reported it, and the Dr at the hospice where I was working treated me, took photos, documented in writing for the police.

I got a call from a 'victim support worker' 3 weeks later to see if I'd topped myself / died of infection / was suffering flash backs, haven't heard anything since then.

Update 3:

@ horselover you think I jest? When I lived in my previous house, the neighbors, who by the way were BANNED by rspca from owning animals, had two staffy bull type dogs, one of which climbed the mountain of junk in their garden to get over the fence and maul my little rat terrier, if I hadn't been there in the garden my dog would be dead, police just asked them nicely to keep the dogs under control, they didn't even offer to contribute to the vets bill, which was considerable.

A few weeks later same dog dug under the fence, luckily I saw it coming that time and got my dogs in.

So yes, pretty much everywhere, it's really not funny when your dogs bleeding profusely, and is attacked in her own garden, I didn't dare let her out without standing over her.

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    Why, well my assumption is because they feel untouchable by a law that allows these kind of dogs and many people lie and call their Pit Bull a "Staffie" to get around it.

    If the UK would just classify all of these type of dogs under the law it would be more effective and you would not have to deal with this on a constant basis.

    I am sorry you have had these kind of issues and know how terrifying it must be.

    The fact is these kind of dogs inflict that same damage as the other dogs covered by the law.

    See what it would take to bring this kind of dog under the dangerous dog legislation where it


    The fact of the matter is these dogs are "Pit Bulls" as outlined in this here-


    Disguise breed name

    As identified in the Tufts study, pit bull owners frequently pass their dogs off as other breeds to diminish a perceived stigma. They also lie about their dog's breed to confuse the public about the pit bull breed and to evade breed-specific laws. For instance, a pit bull owner might mislabel his dog as a bulldog-mix, boxer-mix or lab-mix after a pit bull law goes into effect. Animal groups, however, are the guiltiest of creating confusion about the pit bull breed and this started in 1935.

    In 1935, the American Kennel Club (AKC) agreed to register pit bull dogs, but only under the name Staffordshire terrier. This was done to distance the breed from its continued use in dogfighting. Thus, the pit bull and the Staffordshire terrier was one in the same, yet held two different names.2

    In 1972, the AKC renamed the breed to the American Staffordshire terrier. Though the American Staffordshire terrier is by definition a pit bull, many owners claim they are different breeds and shelters adopt out pit bulls under the Staffordshire name to fool unsuspecting members of the public.3

    In 1996, the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals renamed pit bulls to "St. Francis Terriers." The hope was to make the breed more adoptable. After much screening, about 60 pit bulls were placed. The program was suspended after several of the re-dubbed dogs killed cats.4

    In 2004, while serving as the director of New York City Animal Care and Control, Ed Boks tried to rename pit bulls to "New Yorkies" also in hopes of making the breed more adoptable. Boks' idea failed, as did his tenure in New York City, which only lasted from 2003-2005.5

    Meanwhile, dogfighters historically and presently refer to pit bulls as "bulldogs." The American bulldog, which is unrecognized by the AKC, was only recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC) in 1999.6 Furthermore, the breed was called the "American pit bulldog" up until the 1970s.7

    The many names of the pit bull over the course of history is why breed-specific legislation defines the pit bull as a "class of dogs" that includes the following breeds and their mixes: American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier and American bulldog.8 Despite pit bull owners, animal groups and dogfighters attempts to obscure the name of the pit bull breed, well-written breed-specific laws always encapsulate the pit bull's many names

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    Firstly Staffordshire bull terriers are not Pit bulls , A Pit bull isn't even a real breed , its a by product of the true Staffordshire bull Terrier . There is a distinct difference between the two . Staffies are an old time breed of dog dating back as early 15th Century in England . A Pit bull is a more modern american thing , covering a multitude of different mix.

    The problem is BYBs crossing them with different things , and people trying to pass off their Pit Bull as a staffy . They Absolutely do not deserve the bad press , you should be looking the other end of the lead .

    When trained correctly these are wonderful dogs , of course capable of aggression , as is any breed .

    People get the wrong idea about these dogs , thinking they are aggresive child killing animlas . In the u.k over 80% of dogs in animal shelters are staffys cross due to over breeding and byb s! . Most of these dogs you see on the street are not a true pure bred staffy , they are mixes or Pit bulls . You can make any dog aggresive , and since this is the aim of most of these owners , thats the way the dog will behave !


    I heard Staffordshire terriers are going out of 'Fashion' here in the uk . I for one am greatfull , maybe we can get back to the true nature of this breed , once these bybs find another unfortunate type of dog to over breed and contaminate.

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    Hello: As a second time bull terrier owner, this is unacceptable. I am in NY..This should not be tolerated from a bull terrier. Sadly a aggressive one should be put to sleep. I am in the Club and attend shows.I have seen only one Bt that was mean and nasty in 15 yrs. My girl was iffy as she aged with other dogs. I did not let her off lead ever! I did not put her in a situation where anyone could get hurt. My boy now is a big goof, but he is always on a lead and I know where he is at all times. He is walked on a leash. We are in a rural area so sometimes there are loose dogs. I know what you mean. No excuse for ignorance! We also do not let little kids pet the dog because he is big and could knock them down.

    I do tell people he is strong and loves to jump on em. so pet him if you want, we hold him tight:)o.

    Source(s): Owner of bt's 15 yrs. Oops sorry I saw your note, meaning staffies, etc...most bt's are gentle.
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    We still have a lot of ignorant people doing dog fights with these animals. They're breeding KILLERS. They're MAKING these type of dogs into cold hearted, nasty, vicious animals!

    DO NOT blame a dog for the ignorance of the handler. People want these dogs because they're so powerful, a lot want "mean" dogs, while some breeders are breeding these dogs wrong. But most are mean because of the human handler. (SORRY THIS WAS SO MESSED UP, I WAS ON A RANT)

    People think having a killer dog is "cool" and that gave these dogs such a bad rap.

    Anyone can make a mean dog, poor breeding. My Golden Retriever would attack small animals all the time, the breeder made his pray drive to big. Dogs, especially high purebreds, are picking up nasty habits.

    [ EDIT ] from what i can tell, you probably live in a bad neighborhood, or at least close to one, were dog fighting is a big thing. Maybe call animal control to have them look around for dog fighting arena's. It could solve your problem and be helping dogs that don't know any better.

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    Like you said it is the owners that are at fault. Why don't you carry a phone and call the police or animal control when s loose dog is about to attack you...especially since you are attacked by one every where you go.

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    I don't think they are illegal... not in every state, anyways. There are laws regulating pitbull ownership, but in Texas, anyway, it is not illegal to own one. A good friend of mine has very sweet, fat, elderly pit bull terrier. We respect the dog's ears and paws, as she does not like those to be touched, but the yard is enclosed by a sturdy fence and when not outside, she's inside eating or laying on a bed. **EDIT** Ah... I see... Liverpool.. As Miss Emily Litella would say: Nevermind.

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    Do you mean Staffies or Bull Terriers? (General Patton had a bull terrier.)

    In the UK, I would carry a cell phone and call the police, because you cannot defend yourself and your dog with any sort of weapon.

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    I have a staffie/rottie mix and also a pibull....and I am responsible. My dogs have never hurt anyone and never been off a leash outside EVER. In fat one of my dogs goes to doggy daycare every day and plays very nicely with all other dogs. My dog that just passed away was attacked by a husy and he was an Am Staff so it's not JUST bully breeds that attack. Maybe you just have bad luck with bully breeds but, 99% of the bullies I've met and interact with on a daily basis are nicer than any other breed of dog. I have been bitten and attacked by many breeds of dogs(due to my line of work) and not one of them have been any type of bully breed.

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    I understand your concern completely as my dog and I have also been attacked by 2 pit bulls and 1 Rottweiler in my own yard whose owners felt their dogs had some privilege or entitlement to be allowed to roam free. I could not walk my dog on my own street because of them so we would drive to another neighborhood to go for a walk!! This continued for years until finally the 3 dogs went into a savage rage and were captured and destroyed by police. Of course, after that, the owners were horribly hateful to everyone living in the area because their dogs were destroyed (probably also because they had lawsuits against them too). They acted as if it was our fault that there were laws and ordinances requiring dogs be supervised and contained! The owners actually vandalized many properties (mine included) to be sure they punished everyone who may have 'hated' their loose dogs. What a sad affair.....3 dogs were destroyed, 2 children were seriously injured, 1 cat was killed, many properties were vandalized,.....what is the point??

    I don't understand that mentality. My thoughts are there are people who are so insecure and rebellious that they try to boost their own self esteem by having what they perciev to be the biggest, meanest, muscle dog so the world will know what an awesome power they are and that everyone must be fearful and cower to their every whim. Finally, to drive the point home, the insecure owner is totally irresponsible with their dogs, letting them run loose to get into trouble to PROVE that we must be afraid and cower to them. I don't in any way blame the dogs or the breeds - they are all fine animals for sure. I venture to say the majority of pit bulls or rottweilers and other breeds too have kind and responsible owners and their dogs are wonderful animals.

    Having said that, it seems there still remains this rather psychotic population of people who play this game to make themselves seem important and powerful while injuries and deaths occur as a result of their insanity. They need a psychiatrist - not a dog!

    Tip - I always carry one of those emergency horribly loud screaming 'siren' alarms and pepper spray when out walking. I've never used it on a person (ha) but have used it on unsupervised dogs. I won't even allow a loose dog to come anywhere near me and my dog. I hate it but we must protect ourselves and our own animals too because of other people's craziness!

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    The majority of Bull Terrier owners are of a certain type. Not all, but a large majority is. Bull Terriers attracts a different clientele you may say. Unfortunately only a small percentage of these owners are knowledgeable and responsible owners.

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