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All things considered, will Cain's record re Illegal Immigration give him the edge?

Herman Cain is a strong supporter of US laws and the the validity of US immigration laws. He has been consistent in his views that those who seek to come here, must do so legally and that we cannot award illegal behavior with citizenship. He has repeatedly stated that a path to citizenship already exists and those who seek to come to this nation must use it.

From April of 2006 to June of 2007, Herman Cain wrote a series of op-ed discussing immigration rallies, a proposed comprehensive reform bill, and the attitudes of illegal aliens in the US. In one such op-ed, Mr Cain referenced claims being made by illegal alien supporters that their efforts to gain rights was equivalent to the civil rights struggles of African Americans. He noted that the leaders of the civil rights movement did not seek extra-constitutional rights or benefits, but merely sought the protection of their right to participate fully in society and government with the vote, and to overturn the discriminatory laws that prevented them from participating fully in the economy. He stated that the leaders of the movement to secure rights for illegal aliens – as well as their supporters in Congress – want to undermine and destroy the Constitution and the rights it guarantees legal U.S. citizens.

In a second op-ed, Mr Cain discussed the entitlement mentality being fostered amongst illegal aliens and the belief that they can obtain free health care through the emergency medical system. He noted that this was driving up the cost of health care for all Americans who already pay the costs of health care for those illegal aliens.

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yeah right, how did we ever survive without millions of illegals draining money from our economy and receiving benefits that even legal citizens have a hard time getting....give me a break. I've seen the scams first hand.

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    Thanks for the information. That's not gotten enough media attention through the debates and early stages of the campaign, thus far.

    I've never been a single-issue voter, and many Americans find it tough to respect those who are. Abortion has been the primary issue that's generated millions of such voters, many of whom have given allegiance and support to the left for the right to suck the life (and body parts) out of wombs of women who consider their twisted version of birth control a right that must never be questioned. This election, I find myself weighing a single critical issue above all others, because of the damage illegal migration has caused our country and economy.

    With carefully considered estimates from apolitical organizations, internal ICE documentation, and fiery Latino leaders and scholars suggesting MEChA and LaRaza's primary constituent group from south of the border counts between 30 and 40 million in our country now, this is an issue that cannot be ignored for another 9-10 years from where we're at today. ICE's own internal documents addressing the numbers pouring across our border have always said 3 or more illegals successfully complete entry into the country for every individual apprehended and turned away. That means that for most of the past decade, at least 3 to 4 million illegals annually have marched across southern deserts to their dream life in a new country that has continued to support newcomers in mind boggling, incredibly shortsighted ways above and beyond what's available to actual American citizens. So, according to ICE's own documents, and data readily available through DHS' Yearbook of Immigration Statistics (a remarkably comprehensive document with some great information), somewhere between 22 and 28 million illegals have achieved what the front line of the invasion sought to accomplish at an accelerating pace this millennium, since the first media reports of 12 million illegal immigrants were given widespread public exposure back in 2004.

    Since most of the high teens to low-twenty million illegal workers employed in this country have taken jobs Americans did for decades before their arrival, and my field has lost many tens of thousands of teaching positions to primary Spanish speakers in increasing numbers of schools educating mostly Hispanic children across the Southwest, they've been a greater drain on the economy than jobs shipped overseas for the better part of a decade. Consider the Journal of American Physician's and Surgeons extensive report published in 2005 that listed as many as 84 hospitals closed in California alone as a result of unpaid costs and expenditures directly attributable to illegal migrants they were forced to serve. The number of closures accelerated for a period after the JPandS report, to where it's believed illegals have shut down a stunning three figure count of hospitals since the mid-90's and cost upwards of 300,000 jobs from Doctors, Nurses, and support staff the American public believed were enviably secure as frontline health care providers. That appears true any longer only in states whose demographics haven't succumbed to the invasion, yet.

    Of course, supporters of non-citizen Hispanics on the left love to fall back on the mantra "They only take jobs Americans refuse to work." Most recognize that for the fallacy and bold-faced lie that it is, and the millions of professional jobs the illegals have cost some of our brightest and best educated citizens is ugly and beyond heartless in my estimation. To many, continuation of such folly is unconscionable. To the left, it appears to be strategic and, for some, a source of pride for breaking down the American way of life.

    If you look at the potential for a successful Republican President to serve two terms after 2012, perhaps the question on conservatives minds should include whether we can really afford to grow the illegal migrant numbers another 20-30 million or more before some courageous leader addresses the damage this issue is causing our country. Do we dare elect a leader who won't address the issue or who might favor outsiders ahead of Americans, like Obama who's refused to enforce immigration laws or honor the oath he took in becoming President; instead, implementing what is recognized as de facto amnesty and his own dream act through executive order. Most of our political leadership and every member of the ICE Union recognize precisely what his order meant, and recently 19 Senators signed a critical letter sent to the President demanding that such abuse of the Constitution be brought to an end.

    Perhaps some of you will forgive me for my narrowing focus and concern over this critical issue that leaves me considering becoming one of those single-issue voters. Americans need to consider whether we can somehow afford tens of millions of new illegal migrants during the next decade, because our political leadership has no will to bring an end to the invasion.

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    Whelp, I must admit this is the first I've heard of Cain's stance on II. (I blame the media who deals in sound bytes & not issues) II is a real problem for me & I have trouble supporting someone who supports things like the Dream act & II amnesty. So for me, Cain has the edge because of it.

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    but Mitt Romney's also strong on attacking illegal immigration too.

    Rick Perry is the weakest link.

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    It will give him an edge with those of us that feel Illegal Immigration is serious problem that needs to be dealt with. But it will probably be not so popular with liberals, ......excuse me. progressives.

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  • 8 years ago

    This is just one of his many edges. I sent his campaign $50, hope you all do the same.

  • Herman Cain is not a supporter of US laws.

    He originally agreed with Ron Paul on assassinating Al Alawki then quickly changed his mind.

  • It's a key reason no Democrat can tolerate him.

  • 8 years ago

    There is no fault in Cain's logic.

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    8 years ago

    Really can't hurt.

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    8 years ago

    its just rhetoric. NO politician in congress has acted on their campaign promises in regards to illegal immigration because the debate has become so polarized that they fear taking legitimate efforts towards reform, while knowing mass deportation is economic suicide.

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