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請問feel/feeling/feelings 字義上的差別 和使用時機怎麼區分呢 謝謝.

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    請問feel/feeling/feelings 字義上的差別 和使用時機怎麼區分呢 謝謝. 針對名詞來說,這三個字可分成A, B, C三大項不同情境,來說明較常用的用法: A. 永遠是單數形態的feel (n.) [singular] 1. the feel of Sth (身體)對某物的觸感 She remembered that shirt so well. The feel of the starched cotton, the smell of it. (對漿過棉襯衫的觸感) There was no rug on the floor, so she yanked back her toes at the feel of the cold wood. (腳趾對冰冷木頭的觸感) I loved the feel of the coins, the soft crumpled bills in my hand. (手對銅板、紙鈔的觸感) Eilene leaned against the sled munching on honeyball crumbs, enjoying the feel of the bright sun on her weathered face. (臉頰對豔陽的觸感) 2. to have a feel for…對某事物、技巧的領(體)會和掌握Once you have a feel for the pace, walk back to the ball, take your stance and make the same motion you'd use for a short putt. (對打高爾夫球技巧的領會)

    In the end, I hope that you will have a feel for the impact of technological change in the IP field. (對科技變化所帶來影響的掌握)

    Hanson knew how to talk to farmers and had a feel for the land. (對農人、農地的瞭解) B. 可數的a feeling或feelings (占B+C總和的九成;即使用頻率最高) 1. 所感受到的七情六慾 a +adj.+feeling (of)….;feelings of… It’s a wonderful feeling to be back home again. (很棒的感覺)

    She suddenly had a great feeling of relief. (大為舒解的感覺)

    Feelings of guilt are common in such cases. (罪惡感) 2. 針對某個情況,發表個人的意見、想法、感受

    What are your feelings on the issue of abortion? (對墮胎的看法)

    I think I’ve already made my feelings about this perfectly clear. (對某話題的感受意見)

    Parents always have mixed feelings about their children leaving home. (對孩子長大離家的感受) 3. Sb has/gets a (the) feeling (that)

    Leslie suddenly got the feeling that somebody was watching her. (感覺有人在監看)

    I’ve got a horrible feeling I forgot to turn off the cooker. (覺得忘了關某物很可怕) 4. 生理性的感覺(冷、熱、疲倦、胃不舒服等)

    There is a strange feeling in my neck. (感覺脖子怪怪的)

    I got a sick feeling in my stomach, but I did not say anything. (胃不適)

    As I held my gift, I had a tight feeling in my chest: love. (胸腔喘不過氣)

    I keep getting a burning feeling in that joint. (關節有如火在燒)

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    無法把C貼在補充說明 只好改貼到意見

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    C. 不可數的feeling (占B+C總和的一成;即使用頻率低很多)

    所持贊成或反對的態度 …feeling in favor (against) Sth

    There's a lot - very strong feeling against the Bush administration for the war in Iraq. (對某戰事很反感)

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    2. to lose all feeling in ….失去某部份的生理感應機能

    They soon lost all feeling in their legs, arms, shoulders, and heads. (腿、臂、肩失去感應機能)

    She had not only lost all feeling in her limbs, she had lost use of them as well. (四肢失去感應機能)

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    vt. 及物動詞摸, 觸; 試探[+wh-]I can't feel where the light switch is. 我摸不出電燈開關在哪裡。He felt the cloth to see its quality. 他摸摸布看它的品質。感覺; 感知; 經受[W][O4][O3][+(that)]I felt the house shake. 我感覺房子震動。I suddenly felt an insect crawling up my leg. 我忽然感到有一隻蟲子順著我的腿往上爬。I felt the wind blowing on my face from an open window. 我感到風從開著的窗戶吹到我臉上。He felt no shame and no regret. 他不感到羞愧, 也不感到遺憾。You won't feel the slightest pain. 你一點也不會感到痛的。認為, 以為; 相信[+(that)][O8][O9]I felt that she was very weak. 我覺得她很虛弱。I felt myself unable to leave the city. 我覺得自己離不開這座城市了。受...影響 vi. 不及物動詞有感覺; 覺得[L]I feel exactly like you. 我的感覺與你完全一樣。I felt hurt. 我感到傷心。She felt very proud of her son. 她很為兒子驕傲。摸索; 摸索著尋找He felt in his pocket for the key. 他在口袋裡摸著找鑰匙。(客體)給人某種感覺; (摸上去)給人(某種)手感[W][L][Q]Ice feels cold. 冰摸上去是冷的。覺得像[L] n.[S]觸覺; 手感The silk has a soft smooth feel. 這絲綢摸上去柔軟光滑。觸, 摸Let me have a feel. 讓我摸一摸。感覺, 氣氛There is a feel of winter. 有一種冬天的感覺。


    n. 名詞感覺, 觸覺[U]The cold made him lose feeling in his fingers. 他的手指被凍麻了。(...的)感覺, (...的)意識[C][S1][(+of)]The news brought a feeling of relief. 這消息給人們帶來了寬慰感。看法; 感想; 預感[C][U][+(that)]I have a feeling that we are being followed. 我覺得有人跟蹤我們。氣氛[(the) S]There is a weird feeling about the place. 這地方有一種神祕的氣氛。感情[C][U]She was guided by feeling rather than thought. 她被感情而非理智所支配。敏感, 易感性His remark hurt her feelings. 他的話傷了她的感情。同情, 體諒[U][(+for)]Have you no feeling for that poor, sick creature? 你不同情那個可憐的生病的人嗎?反感; 憤慨[U]The loss of the ball game stirred up much feeling. 球賽輸了引起了極大的憤慨。(對藝術等的)鑑賞力[S][(+for)]That experience helped him develop a feeling for the beauty of nature. 那段經歷幫助他培養了對自然美的鑑賞力。a.[B]富於感情的; 易動情感的衷心的動人的Write in feeling language. 用動人的語言寫。


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