Who is/was Jane Doe????

So, I've heard this song bu Within Temptation called Jane Doe, but I've also see Jane Doe in other songs and I've heard it mentioned at other places as well... But who was she? 'Cus I guess it's a name, right? So, please tell me all you know about it :D

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    10 years ago
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    It's just a fake name used for say, people who want to cover their identity, much as one might use 'John Smith' as a fake name; it's just so bland. Occasionally used as a name for a party in a criminal case or something like that if they don't want people to know who they are.

    MOST commonly associated on tv shows, music, e.t.c, with the unidentified corpse of someone - in Jane Doe's case, a girl. They have no name for them but it's just ... polite to call them 'Jane Doe', and it's become procedure in a sense.

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    10 years ago

    Jane Doe is a placeholder name used in legal action when the true identity of the female party is unknown. John Doe is used for male parties.

    Other names used in the same manner are "John Q. Public" In the famous Roe V. Wade case, 'Jane Roe' was the named used by the anonymous plaintiff later identified as Norma McCorvy.

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    I thought Jane Doe was just the name given to an anonymous woman.

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    Jane Doe is a lady hoe who go go go's to the restroom to test the vaginal secretions in the bed room with her lady friend miss jamie lynn.

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    Nobody Knows! Lol

    Sorry, any who . . . . the people above pretty much explained it.

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