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so i am enlisted for 6 years in the reserves and this is my plan...what holes might i be missing here?

ok so i enlisted 2 days ago as a 12y geospatial engineer. im 20 years old and hav thoroughly thought this all out. i pretty well educated myself and i think what im doing is best for me right now. i have 2 years of college under my belt already and about 48 credit hours. an online school i found will give me at least 50 additional credit hours once i am done with basic and ait for a total of around 95-100 credit hours by may of 2012. i am going to take those hours and use them to finish my bachelors degree from the online school i found and then go onto finish up my masters aswell, since the government is paying for it anyways...y turn down free money right? so ideally i will have a masters degree within the next 2 or 2 1/2 years or so. once i get that degree, i plan on building and dropping a WOFT (warrant officer fight training) packet to fly helicopters which is my main goal. if all that goes smoothly and i become a warrant officer i intend on going active duty. this is all the plan of course. so once my re-enlistment window comes, i was wondering if it is possible to then go to special forces school and still be a pilot but just be a pilot for the special forces? i hav no idea if that is even something that is an option so thats y im asking. if not i still intend on re-enlisting i just hope that i can continue my training and further myself as a soldier. i want to give back to the army for all that they will be providing me in the next 6 years so i want to become as well rounded of a soldier as i possibly can be and get as much of a variety of different training as i can. any comments or corrections on this whole idea of mine please let me know. thanks

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    The first problem I see with this is the validity of a school which would givey ou 50 hours for BCT and an 18 week AIT. You want your degree to count for something. Your BCT is worth 4 hours and if you look at the ACE guide which all legitimate colleges use to assess military service and schools, a full year of studying Russian Language at DLI is worth 24 hours. Hard to accept that 18 weeks is worth 50 given that it must be based on contact hours with the teacher/instructor. Consider that first.

    All the rest is outside my area of expertise but I will say that we don't waste pilot training by having that officer then train to be an SF officer. It doesn't work that way. What you could do if everything works out is apply to be a pilot in SOAR which is our most elite helicopter assets which support our SF operations.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    Source(s): 26 years active Army service.
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    The only thing I would recommend is putting in your flight packet directly to the regular army so you don't have issues transferring out of the reserves (I don't know that you would but you wouldn't if you were already accepted into active duty).

    Once you are active duty just request / try out for the 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment)

    Good Luck

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    Once you become a aviation warrant

    You will never get to special forces

    There is no path at all, for any warrant officer to go to special forces

    SF warrants, must serve in SF as enlisted first

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