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Cat Nutrition Help Please :)?

I'm getting a cat soon and I wanna know what are some healthy choices of food for them! Also how many calories per day should a cat consume? And what are some healthy treats for them?

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    Cats are obligate carnivores which mean that they MUST eat meat. The very best food for them is other animals, but since that is not practical for most owners :) then the best diet for most owners is grain-free canned food. We feed our cats grain-free canned, grain-free homemade (with supplements) and some raw. For an occasional treat we give them some grain-free dry food (just a few pieces). We also give them some roast chicken/beef/fish off our plates, but again, only a bite or two for each cat.

    For feeding the rule of thumb for crappy supermarket foods (Friskies, 9-Lives, etc.) is 1 oz of food per lb of cat every day, but a high-quality, grain-free diet requires about half of that. My 10 pound cat can barely finish a 5.5oz can of grain-free food in one day.

    Source(s): 41 years of being owned by cats and 31 years of fostering kittens
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    tmclone had some great advice for you. Avoid cat foods with grains. It isn't about dry vrs. canned, because the only difference there is water. Always provide water separately anyway. But it is worth the effort to find canned or dry food that is free of corn, wheat, and soy. An active cat needs more calories than a sedentary one, so we can't really answer that question. But watch the cat for signs of becoming overweight. Things like turkey or fish can be nice treats. Cats also enjoy nibbling oat grass, available from many pet stores. And of course, catnip is a winner, too. :-)

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    They need canned food. Don't expect them to live on dry. It's okay for a treat or a snack but the main food should be canned. Some people will tell you otherwise but my vet told me a long term study was done and the cats did better on every measure with canned food. They need the meat.

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    A lot of this is gonna be based on the age of the cat and the weight of the cat. I actually can't give you a definitive answer until I know those things.

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