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What is the immunity in blood?

I need a good explanation of how immunity works and whats involved

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    Immunity is the ability of the body to resist an infection of pathogen by producing a specific antibody. A person who has immunity towards a disease will not be infected with the disease again. For example, an individual who has measles will have a high possibility of not being infected with measles again. The individual is said to be immuned to the disease.

    Immunisation is the process of acquiring an immunity to a disease by artificial means. It helps an individual to resist the disease. Immunisation is carried out through the process of injection(innoculation), either by injection of vaccine or injection of serum containing antibodies to acquire immunity.

    VACCINE is a suspension of bacteria or viruses(pathogen) that are dead or weakened. Vaccine is injected into the body to stimulate the lymphocytes to produce specific antibodies to react with the pathogen(antigen). The injection of SERUM containing antibodies directly into the body enables the antibodies to react immediately with the pathogens or antigens and to destroy the quickly,

    There are two types of immunity. Active immunity is acquired when the body produces antibodies against the pathogen or antigen. The antibodies are produced by the lymphocytes in response to the antigen. Passive immunity is acquired when the body receives the antibodies from the external sources. The body is not involved in the production of antibodies. Both types of active and passive immunity can be acquired naturally or by artificial means.

    These are only the short summary I can get about immunity. For more information, look on this link:

    Hope this helps :S

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