Could the Call centres go away due to Nicaragua´s Socialism?

I live in Nicaragua, my survival depends on my job which is in a foreign call centre I work at Sitel, Nicaragua has this maniac socialist as president and from the looks of it he aint going nowhere, Daniel Ortega just manipulates the system in his favor, and now it seems that his going to do fraud on the elections to.

And with fraud comes massive protest and violence and after that the government will probably oppress more I dont know all I would want to know is would they go away I heard that Sitel invest 8 million US dollars here, I am really concerned and would just want to know if this is a possiblity, thanks.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sorry dude, it´s possible. Is known Sitel has an excellent infrastructure in Panama, and the investment has been huge, mainly in the last 5 years, that invites to think in this way, but, right now, Nicaragua is the cheaper option in the region. Also is correct to think, the political situation in this country, may affect, any future expansion strategy.

    Nicaragua Government took an important decision years ago, to protect the foreigner investment, as part of its modernization strategy. Just be positive, your concern is valid but irrelevant, must occur another critical conditions, that boosts this call center, to go away of this beautiful country.

  • 9 years ago


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