Why is Amanda Knox warmly welcomed back the USA despite lingering questions around the case?

It makes me think of the difference between she (Knox) and Casey Anthony. They were both acquitted, but got very different reception by the public. Why? Amanda may very well have gotten away with murder and here we are embracing her. I just don't understand it.

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  • Bill R
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    9 years ago
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    Let me begin my answer to that question by noting how much I liked Amanda Knox's little speech after she got off the plane the other night, and while it's just my own impression, it's one of the ways I would imagine a truly innocent person speaking after all she's been through. It was genuine, guileless, awkward, stumbling over her words, still overwhelmed, didn't really know what to say except how grateful she felt to those who believed in her and the happiness to be again with her family. A truly guilty person, a real psychopath, like Casey Anthony, might, as Anthony in fact did, give forth with a burst of selfish, tearful gratitude at the moment of her acquittal, but by the next day, unlike Knox, Anthony would have been by then, as she in fact was, perfectly coifed, smooth, smug, cool, calm, and collected, wearing that arrogant little smirk on her face and the twinkle in her eye that said, "Haha! I did it, I beat the system" — perhaps not yet quite realizing, however, just how despised she already was, as Amanda Knox apparently did not yet quite realize the other night when she got off the plane just how loved she already was by so many. And it's easy for me to imagine Casey Anthony watching the television coverage of Amanda Knox's return home the other night and seething as she watched the love that rightfully surrounded Knox, seething because she really can't understand the difference between herself and Knox, or if there is a difference why it should be making that much difference to other people, because, you see, she can't really understand why people love for the reasons they love, much less actually feel it — I know that for the simple reason that her little daughter would still be alive if she could — and that people love Amanda Knox because they sense for good reasons that she is something that they sense, also for good reasons, that Casey Anthony will never, ever be, and that is a good person completely innocent of the accusations that were made against her and for which she has suffered so grievously and unjustly. I think that explains Amanda Knox's warm welcome home. It certainly explains the warm feeling I had for her.

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    9 years ago

    I think the U.S. media largely portrayed her as an innocent young women held captive in Italy, facing a harsh judicial system and a language barrier (especially early on), when there was little physical evidence to support her guilt. In contrast, Casey Anthony had a much less sympathetic story because of her partying, her lying about a made-up nanny, and the fact that a young child was the victim (and there were few others with motive to kill her).

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    In some ways America is a little bit morally sick these days .. I`m not saying Amanda did it but she wasn't found not guilty was she ? Not guilty and being acquitted are two very different things that maybe Americans need to recognize.

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    Because in the united states we like certain people to get away with murder. Amanda Knox is just like OJ Simpson (not guilty), Casey Anthony (not guilty), the Ramseys (not guilty), etc. There will always be people who like the rich to get away with murder. She can also afford the PR campaign to clean up her image. Don't you know Americans only care about image? Justice is only important if it is applied to someone who is not rich NOR american...

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The same reason the USA extradites people from other countries to try in a biased US court for crimes that are not crimes in their own country. The USA thinks that it rules the world and is trying to dictate to us all.

    We in the Uk have had several of our citizens sent to your country for trial most if not all had not committed any crime in the US and had never visited the US.

    Says it all really I expect if we wanted one of your citizens we would have to put up with a rejection due to the US "justice" system.

  • 9 years ago

    Because she's a piece of meat now the press can make a buck off of. They just want a cut for ratings and advertisers.

    She means nothing to them other than for some $$ for the show.

  • TMI
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    9 years ago

    The people who are certain Amanda Knox is innocent are fools. People want good news so badly they will believe anything. Amanda Knox is as rotten to the core as Casey Anthony. Cases are won here on sex appeal alone. Look at all the guys waiting in line to "do" these two hollow individuals because they know the girls are into kinky, dangerous and really gross sex (nasal sex is the worst I've ever heard of) They are willing to forgive a little baby killing and room mate torturing.

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    There are no lingering questions. The court determined that she was not there and did not commit murder. How much more plain can it be?

    The original conviction was a travesty of justice based on a fantasy scenario created by a corrupt prosecutor and a tabloid press. The only people who could have lingering questions are those who were uninformed enough to put credence in those sources.

    Source(s): Followed case closely for four years.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    she is a dirty rotten lying *****, if she is so innocent then why did she lie to police that lumumba was the murderer, which she got a 3 year prison sentence for. The only people here that are saying she is innocent are American's, because surely a young, blonde, pretty, white, protestant, rich American girl could never commit a murder such as this, wake up you brainwashed idiots. She is as guilty as sin and will get whats coming to her. If she ever comes back to Europe there is a good chance someone will kill her.

  • She SHOULD be warmly welcomed back.....EVERYONE should be welcoming her, you included. She spent four years in a foreign prison for a crime she had nothing to do with. Wouldn't you want to be welcomed back under those circumstances?

    There was no evidence putting her a the scene of the crime....NONE! So what's your problem that you have "lingering questions?" Inform yourself. Every legal expert in the world who studied the case came to the same conclusion. She was railroaded by a corrupt prosecutor who doesn't like Americans.

    EDIT: By the way, to show their ignorance a couple of the answerers here have referred to Amanda Knox's family as "rich." That's a complete load of crap! Virtually every member of her family and the extended family had to take out second mortgages, sell personal belongings, and go into debt to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to see that justice finally prevailed. Shame on you for your faulty assumptions!

    Do you have no regard for the truth?

    Source(s): Followed every detail of the case for four years.
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