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Schaub, Vincent Jackson, and Aaron Hernandez for Rivers, Turner, and Jared Cook?

Ten team PPR league. Turner has been great but I feel like it's only downhill from here. I don't love the Rivers to Schaub downgrade, but I want to unload Turner while I can still get value like Vjax and Hernandez for him. Do you agree? Any other ideas? Thanks!

QB: Rivers and Bradford

WR (start 3): Steve Smith (Car), Lance Moore, Eric Decker, Mario Manningham, Mike Thomas

RB (start 2): CJ2K, Turner, Daniel Thomas, Brandon Jacobs

TE: Antonio Gates and Jared Cook

K: Nick Novack

Def: SF

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    I don't like the deal.

    Schaub just lost Andre Johnson for 3 weeks (at least) - which is why he's trying to dump his QB.

    Rivers - is a top 5/top 10 lose on the QB trade

    V Jax for Turner - fantasy value = wash

    Aaron Hernandez for Cook ----- Cook, with Britt out, has potential to be a top 10 TE now. You also have Gates who will be good come second half....and Cook should be able to fill until then.

    This deal leaves you very weak at RB. Gives you a weaker QB (even more so without AJ). I don't like this deal. And Hernandez may be out this week (and next??) with his injury


    So,'re trading away a top QB, a top RB, and a nice TE for a middle of the pack QB, a wideout 1, and a top TE....I just don't like it. I'd rather trade Chris Johnson to be honest.

    Offer CJ2k and Cook for Jackson and Hernandez :)

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    I would pass to be honest. For the same reasons the others stated. I'm more concerned with your starting roster at WR- I wouldn't start Lance Moore or Manningham. Moore had 33 snaps this past week against the panthers vs 62 snaps for Meachem & Henderson (who didn't even catch a ball yet he had more snaps). Now that Colston is back (though he did only get 20 snaps) they're easing him back in each week he's back from injury so Moore has been downgraded to me.Especially since more and more people are doing better things when they get the chance. Sproles and Graham come to mind. Same goes for Manningham. He's trying to get back into being their #1 though he may be on paper Victor Cruz these past two games has taken that job. I wouldn't even trust Manningham based on the horrible numbers he as put up each week. And I hope you're up to speed on Gates, that foot injury is super scary and its affecting his production. He hasn't participated in practice and alot of people think he isn't going to play until after the Chargers bye week, and he's been to foot specialist. Not good... keep your eye on him, I don't see him playing this week.

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    Why would you want Schaub now that hes lost AJ for 3-4 weeks?

    I'd pass.

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