Spiritually speaking, what was the best bit of hate mail that you have ever received?

Mine was a series of emails from a Christian lady who clearly hadn't read the bible. She claimed I was a PMS-ing b*tch. I claimed I was a Male, and not completely ignorant of the bible. I then received a notice from yahoo, claiming that another user had reported me for harassment. What's funny is that she emailed me. Huh. Anyways I kind of miss the hate mail. It's quite entertaining to read.

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    8 years ago
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    Well, pumpkin, my favorite series was from a somewhat deranged young earth creationist who claimed that I worshiped the Antichrist, and identified this figure as Prince Felipe of Spain. When I responded that his contention was hilarious, he advised me to go practice "gay butt secks" on someone. When I offered to explain why I, as a woman, would find this difficult, he sent me an email filled with some rather inventive and colorful curses - far more inventive and colorful than I would have thought a devout little boy would know.

    I'm currently being pursued by someone who doesn't have the courage to send me an email - he or she just follows me around with their dozen or so sock accounts and gives 10-15 thumbs down to any answer I give to any question about Buddhism. This person claims that I'm some kind of reptilian replicant, and keeps citing a joke answer I gave to a question about atheists kicking puppies as a reason to hate me. Very odd.

    Uncle, darling, you are an exemplar of the values Christians claim to revere - gentle, loving, compassionate, non-judgmental - and anyone who could send you nonsense like that is just bonkers.


  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I have received scads of hate mail in the last few years.

    Well, this may not sound like much of a "hate" mail, but it hurt me a little.

    I was told that most Americans are Christians but that I was not a real Christian . - That hurt my feelings because I am a Sermon on the Mount Christian but simply not a "churchie Christian".


    Here is that E-mail I received:

    "You are a heathen who claims to be a Christian - Your reading of the Bible is against church doctrine". Most Americans are Christians but you are not - what is wrong with you?"

  • I dont really get direct hate mail aside from someone calling me rude or saying "im right and youre wrong so there"

    Ive been kinda depressed lately so i wouldnt be in the mood for hate mail since its rarely funny usually. They arent clever enough to be funny too often.

    I had someone say how gay people have the highest rates of aids and they later claimed to support them while bashing them at the same time... im fairly sure it was a troll attempt

  • 8 years ago

    I got a series of e-mails from a male Jehovah's Witness.

    He was upset because I kept answering e-mails from a female JW about God and the Bible.

    He started to make threats, but I told him that I was only answering questions and if he didn't like it then he needed to speak to the woman sending me e-mails.

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  • poutre
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    3 years ago

    i've got basically gotten one hate message. interior the message, the person went on and on approximately how she was hoping "God" could take the existence he had given me away as punishment for not "trusting and believing interior the holy father". additionally, she stated that if it weren't a sin, and he or she knew me, she could do it herself via fact atheists and satanists do not deserve the priceless existence that "God" has given them. of direction, she had to show that she replace into happy that i could be spending an eternity in hell. devil could rejoice with torturing my "not undemanding-featured heathen" self. She complete it off via telling me that she replace into watching me.(Lol?) i assume the message replace into not thoroughly "venomous". replace right into somewhat harsh however, i think of. i'm particular however that the person could by no ability have stated those issues could she have been talking to me head to head. on line threats are beautiful. She by no ability informed me what she replace into. She went via "Gods beautiful toddler". So, i ought to easily wager she replace into perhaps Christian. i'm unsure however.

  • Perhaps your name welcomes it, besides you know you welcome it. You're like a kkk member in full outfit who goes to a black neighborhood only later brag to his peers about how much dirty stares you got. Stop your contrived ignorance.

    As for hate mail, I don't receive any because I don't allow mail. I have over 1000 unanswered messages in my email from y!a.

  • Torgo
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    8 years ago

    Recently, a guy was claiming that whole grains were a conspiracy to give gout to teenagers. I pointed out that gout was caused by diet and by alcohol, but not by whole grains. He e-mailed me and said:

    "Hey a*****e what you think alcohol is made from ....... Grains idiot. "

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Not much lol. But once I got some muslim guy calling me racist for not believing in God :P

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I haven't got any on this account. I kind of miss the death threats. :(

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I never have. At least, none I know about.

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