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R.I.P Steve Jobs... Apple Inc.?

Who will run Apple Inc now, Whats going to happen? The Ipod - Ipod Touch - Iphone - Mac book, Macbook Pro Macintosh - Desktops, Everything will never be the same again!,

Without Steve, how will Apple cope when designing new Hardware and Software?

Whats going to happen to the company now? Without Steve, they are lost...


How can I describe how ignorant you are........

I Did say RIP to Steve Jobs, Seriously guys...

Update 2:

Seriously you Ignorant asshole, I am not a Retard!, I do know that Apple is a company. Did you ever notice - I said How will apple cope. Meaning the rest of the Company, and if you didn't understand that in the first place, think again, Your the retard, or is that to much for you to think, being the retard that you are.

Update 3:

`"Asshole`" (NOT) Assholes!

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    Its not RIP when dealing with Steve Jobs.... its iRP. :)

    Without Steve, how will Apple cope?

    The same way, if not better than they did the first time they kicked Steve out of Apple. Steve may have been with Apple at the beginning, but people seem to forget that Apple's board forced him to resign in the past. Then Steve started a new company that wasn't very successful, but did have a few useful ideas. So Apple bought that company. That is what many successful companies do when they recognize potential products. (Steve Jobs did this to get the concept of the mouse from Xerox to be used with the Macintosh). Apple survived without him in the past and they will continue in the future.

    People also seem to credit Steve with a lot that he probably doesn't deserve. He may have come up with some of the concepts for a few things, but it was the engineers and programmers that made it happen. For example, the Macintosh, back in the 80's, is what first put Apple on the map. However, while Steve did some work, it was the programmers and engineers that worked 80+ hour per week that did it. Furthmore, while he may have been a popular face for Apple, I can guarantee that he did not come up with all of the ideas.... he was just one faces that the public was more familiar with and, thus, was used to promote them. Also, not every thing that Steve did was a big hit. Some of his ideas were major flops.... and they cost the money a lot of money to design and implement. But apple fanboys tend to overlook such things.

    It annoys me with all of the Apple fanboys that seem to have panic attacks associated with the death of Steve Jobs. He was not a saint. He was a businessman. (and was also known to be an asshole to his employees.) Modern civilizations will survive without him.

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    ...really? Do you somehow think that Jobs was the only person working there? Did you not notice that he had already resigned and appointed a successor? Do you really think that after getting cancer several years ago that he didn't plan for this kind of thing? Do you really think that Apple somehow cannot function at all without him? Actually, the better question to sum all that up is to ask if you're a bloody retard. I think we all know the answer.

    Jake, EVERYONE builds their computers in China. That almost certainly includes the computer you're using now. Foxconn contracts out to most of the industry. I really don't get all the finger-pointing at Apple for something that just about every US industry does in spades.

    Well, gee retard, you said they are lost without Steve. I pointed out that he'd undoubtedly planned for this as he had his first cancer operation in 2004. You claimed that everything will never be the same again. I pointed out that Steve, while CEO, was just one man. They still have all of their engineers and designers. You're blowing this way out of proportion.

    Hohohoho, nice email. You mad? I don't vote my own answers because I really don't give a crap, kiddo. But whatever helps you sleep at night. Cry some more.

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    Steve Jobs stepped down from from his CEO position on August 24th. Apple named Tim Cook, its chief operating officer, to succeed Mr. Jobs as chief executive.

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    Yeah, seems to me Apple is doomed. The new head guy made some announcement yesterday and everybody was talking crap about it. Wonder if that's what killed Steve...

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    Well I was going to answer.... but seeing how your being an asshole and a retard by calling all of us retards and assholes, I won't answer. bye.

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    Apple already has a new CEO.

    Apple will not go away, just change a bit.

  • Anonymous
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    piss on apple and jobs.

    They built thier filthy machines in china

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    you don't even care that this guy died? But to answer your question, Someone else in his family will probably become CEO.

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