Which vehicles were used on D-Day?

I need a list of vehicles used on D-Day, e.g. tanks, trucks etc. Please

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  • ALAN
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    8 years ago
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    Depends upon which Beach you landed on ! The British Army had developed a number of specialist vehicles, especially the "flail" tanks which cleared a path through minefields. the "Crocodiles" which were flame-throwers, armoured bulldozers etc. which were used on "Juno", Sword" and"Gold" Beaches. Some American commanders had refused them and suffered more casualties as a result (That's why none are shown in action in the film "The Longest Day", and there are no models of them in the shops at the Beaches today !) They did accept the "DD" tanks - but then launched them so far offshore at "Omaha" Beach that all sank. Thus the Americans on that Beach had no tank support, and had to prod the sand for mines with bayonets !

    The DUKWs were especially useful in getting supplies ashore before the "Mulberry Harbour" was completed - and after the American one was washed away by the gale on "D + 13", and the British one badly damaged. (Te day the Allies came VERY close to losing the War !) After the initial landings had succeeded, virtually every type of military transport, British and American,was landed and used.

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  • 8 years ago

    - Regular tanks

    - DD tanks (duplex drive for land and water), second source

    - DUKW's (amphibious trucks)

    - jeep

    - Universal carrier, a.k.a. Bren Gun Carrier

    - transport trucks

    - troop trucks

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