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Need Help! losing 1-2 stones?

ok i'm young,girl, height 5'5 and weight 10stone or 140 pounds and want to be at least a stone or stone and half (to be 8.7-9 stone)

please help!

tips, stuff like that, i dont mine if it take 2-3 months, just something that works


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    Limit your sugar and carb intake. Not saying eat less but actually eat more protein. You burn that FAST. Also drink water instead of soda or fruit juices. OJ, grape juice, apple juice have ridiculous amounts of sugar. Don't eat after 8pm and if possible not after 7. The earlier the better. Eat a breakfast.

    Do push ups and sit ups every to every other day in the morning or at night. Even 8 of each will have an impact but obviously the more the better.

    Get a multi vitamin (for women)

  • 8 years ago

    Take 1-Shape lite.

    You will get what you want.

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