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Yugioh Q - plz help - thank you?

Yeah I just started gettin back in2 duelin and im baffled at the cards that are out now! IOC was the last pack i remember and konami has brought the game to a completely new level. So in principle i don't use any of the new cards (they usually have the letters EN--- something), i just stick to 3 letters and 3 numbers (i.e. MFC - 052) cuz otherwise i feel like the game just went a bit too far. Is this foolish/stupid/pointless/etc.? {please include a reason why yes or no} Thank you.

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    9 years ago
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    well im sort of new to dueling too.old school cards are great and were the best but too be good u might need to use some new cards.the 2 new type of monsters u need to know are synchros, and xyz order to synchro for example a stardust dragon(my favorite card)lvl 8 2500atk u would need a lvl4 tuner monster(those are new too) and another monster or monsters that equal 8 xyz monsters only need 2 specific lvl monsters example steelswarm roach i belive its 2 lvl 4 u have 2 mystic tomatos on the field u get steelswarm roach from your extra deck and place it on top of the two mystic tomatoes and they become equipped to the xyz monster which usually has an effect which require it to detatch one of the equiped material monster. so its up to u if u want to learn how to use these new cards.i suggest u figure out what type of deck u want to build(fairy,chaos,water,Dragons) and go on from there.some decks like exodia and burn decks probly wouldnt use xyz or synchro monsters.

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