Interstate laws for dwi and points suspensions special circumstances.?

My very best friend in the world is absolutley freaking out over a dwi ticket he received in July in the state of Mo. He got a dwi in Mo, it is the second within 5 years due to him getting one in another state Ar. He is being charged with DWI 1 in Mo due to it being a "municipal" charge. He is moving out of state to work in December and the problem herin lies with being able to get his license renewed legally before his court date in the end of Oct. His trial will not be until the first of next year. He is done with his classes , insurance, etc for reinstatement in Mo. He called the Ar DMV and aked if he could drive and they said it would show full reinstatement. Now, ...he has 17 points on his Ar. record and at the dmv they told him on two seperate occasions that they would defer to Mo guidelines and not add points accrued in another state, and that is all he has to take care of. Is actually a # 2 but hes charged for #1 in a different state than his home state. This is gettting very confusing and even his attorney does not have definitive answers. Will he reinstate his license just to have it suspended again in both Mo and AR. How will this work out with the points and suspensions. It seems both states will suspend him two different times and the Ar DMV is telling him they wont but it does not sound accurate. He is a medical professional and is worried his life is over, he has children, responsibiliites etc.... Hes really in a difficult place to figure all the particulars between states and the licenseing compact betweeen states and suspensions etc.

If you could please give us a sound opinion legally Im sure he will appreciate it and maybe it would ease his anxiety somewhat. He feels his life is over. Thanks in advance. :)

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  • Stuart
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    When he is convicted in Missouri, they will notify Arkansas of the conviction and the suspension of his license.

    Arkansas will comply with Missouri's request for license suspension and will suspend his license. Missouri will not lift the suspension until he completes everything Missouri ordered: fines, schools, suspension, etc.

    Arkansas will not lift the suspension until Missouri notifies Arkansas that they are through with him. And, when the Missouri suspension is over, Arkansas will suspend his license for 3 months for a 17 point level on his license. (18 - 23 points = 6 months, 24 points and over = 1 year).

    As this person is "...My very best friend in the world...", you'll probably be the one to drive him around for a while, eh? While you two are in the car, mention to him that people who drive drunk are assholes in my book.

    - Stuart

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