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Astrologically what makes these psychopathic killers cold and unfeeling?

Dianne Downs

Ted Bundy

Green River Killer

What in their charts explains their behavior and personality?

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    Ohh... idk. Diane Downs has a whole stellium in 6th that is squaring her Saturn..

    Hard aspects to Saturn can bring some cold appearance or expression to the planets..,_Diane

    Ted bundy..,_Ted

    I question his venus in 4th that is squaring Pluto in 12th..

    Also his moon and mars are opposite the Node and Uranus.. I wonder about that having him lash out in some odd kind of tension..

    His Venus Scorpio is inconjunct Uranus Gemini, it does say that he believed in two types of sexual relationships- one you have with the consenting partners and one that you have with murder victims. Venus Scorpio squares his Pluto in 12th.. Venus is conjunct Jupiter, which also squares his Pluto and Saturn in 12th.

    I didn't look into the last but I found a blog talking about him.

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    Actually, vin, it's *probably* a mix of genetics and experiences. We don't have the predictive tools to say who will definitely turn out to be a psychopathic killer with these genes or with those genes, nor can we predict who will turn out to be a psychopathic killer due to certain experiences. We still can't predict this outcome even when the two are combined, though we may get a clearer picture. So firstly, no, we don't have all the answers in this area.

    Secondly, saying we cannot factor in genetics in shaping whether or not a person may turn out to be a psychopathic killer because we can't "blame" genes is a ridiculous argument. Similarly, you can't say that about astrology either. Most scientists, psychologists and philosophers alike all agree that nature and nurture can play a role in these things, and astrologers strongly agree.

    Anyway, back to your question... sorry, I'm not sure. Astrology is in a similar boat as psychologists when it comes to this - there are no sure-fire answers, though looking at the chart as a whole and factoring in specific experiences can show a possibility for unfeeling or violent behaviour. I have to go, so I won't look at the charts, but I imagine there are a lot of pleasant aspects allowing for enough charm and ability to hide combined with a lot of friction between outer planets like Pluto and Saturn and personal planets (especially Venus) in key places. That's what 've seen/read in the past, but I don't know.

    * Vin - Sorry, I understand you were not attacking genetics (though you did leave them out of the equation, which is quite an important mistake, or at least a very misleading way to make your point).

    My point, and I suppose I could've been more clear, was that you wouldn't say that people who factor in genetics in the behaviour of people are 'blaming' genetics for the our behaviour. Therefore, you shouldn't say that about astrology either. Astrology outlines potentials in a very similar way to our current understanding of genes, though obviously it is not scientifically outlined in the same way that genes are. Astrology loosely combines a number of archetypal and symbolic inclinations that can be shaped into behaviour and definitive personality based on a person's experiences and upbringing (e.g. in similar ways to those you described at the end of your post).

    All in all, the argument you were approaching in response to an astrological question was not relevant to the fallibility or infallibility of astrology as a study. Your disbelief in astrology is acceptable if you are the kind of person who does not accept anything that has not as yet been rigidly defined by science (and I don't understand why anybody would be this kind of person given the vast potential of numerous non-scientific theories, but nevertheless that's your choice).

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    I agree, and I know where you’re coming from with this. The whole nature/nurture thing is something that I strongly support. (On the genetic part, where the hell in my msg did you get anything that suggested I was against genetics?) Not sure where the hell you were going with this, but whatever.

    The point I was making in my obviously simplified statement for this guy was that the stars don’t matter. There are other factors (HUMAN ones) that play a role in here. The stars have no influence on behavior unless you put meaning to them, at which point you’d be exposing yourself to the influences of self-fulfilling prophecies.

    I’m going be rude here, but people who believe anything outside of earth, asides from the sun, has an influence on your behavior are lying to themselves. I exclude the sun because sunlight does influence depression and other emotions to some extent, and because the sun plays a major role in our body’s circadian rhythm, amongst other roles too. (growth, rest, etc). Anything beyond that is irrelevant. And I’ll ask you to prove otherwise.

    The time of the year you were born in, if it had any form of influence on your behavior, would be based on CLIMATE. And since what’s going on in one part of the world right now is not going on in the other (North and Southern hemispheres have different climates at the same time throughout the year), Astrology/Horoscopes should not be what defines behavior/character in any way.


    What I support:

    Human Interactions.

    -You expose a kid to all the negative influences at an early age, and he will be more likely to expose himself and others to those influences later on. Simplified statement, but you get the idea.

    -You expose any person to a traumatic experience, whether it be child abuse or a rape in their twenties, they’ll be traumatized and there’s a strong possibility that this trauma will change their behaviors and mentality in some unwanted way.


    -I don’t recall ever saying that Genetics can’t be factored in. Hell, I don’t recall ever taking any stand against human biology, or biology for that matter.

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  • 8 years ago

    Anyone can become a killer if their childhood is f'ed up enough. There was another post here once about that, and I did some research and found the signs of a bunch of killers. Each sign was represented. The one thing they all had in common was trauma in their lives, a chemical imbalance in their brains, or both.

    Source(s): Scorpio
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  • 8 years ago

    Those people are all mentally ill and astrology has nothing to do with it. When a person is mentally ill, their entire personality changes and can be completely opposite of what their chart says.

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    Everything does// obviously

    Ted Bundy was too crazy for words

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    It's a mix of human behaviors and human influences acting upon them from an early age.

    Seriously, we've observed this for over a century now. And all research supports that it's true. Must you take away humanity's responsibility for its killers by blaming the stars? Are you really that inhuman and afraid to accept your own mistakes and makings?

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