Problem with PS2 Multi-Tap?

Alright, so I bought this PS2 Multi-Tap to play with my other two buddies.. The problem is that only the first slot works, and the other three don't. Please tell me if you know what's wrong with it, or how to fix it.

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  • 9 years ago
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    There are two different multi-taps, a fat PS2 multi-tap, and a slim PS2 multi-tap, make sure you have the correct multi-tap (they are not interchangeable). If you have a PS2 Slim, you most likely have the correct multi-tap, as it is hard to find PS2 Fat multi-taps.

    The other problem could be the multi-tap. If it is a third-party multi-tap (not made by Sony), then that could be your problem. If it is new, take it back and exchange it. If it is old, make sure the connections are clean (the PS2 and the mulit-tap), and make sure it is pushed all the way in to the PS2.

    Also, depending on the game, some games are not compatible with a multi-tap. Since you didn't say what game you are having problems with, I can't tell you if it is the game or not.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    that should artwork superb for video games that should enable greater effective than 2 gamers. i'm not sure if that should artwork for 2 participant purely video games or not. I even have by no potential tried it like that. i don't see why it would not however.

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