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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 9 years ago

Why do i have a bulge under my bellybutton?

Workout everday cardio and p90x i also lift and i weigh 120 5'3" tall. Idont know if its b my mother has it or its a latina thing. The bulge is hard its not all jiggly which is a good thing. I have V lines but THAT in particular bothers me... Anyone know why or any siggestions?

Ps. Im a vegetarian get my protein from whey, soy, nuts and grains. No artificial sweetners in my diet. Im not worried about diet but just thought it was usefull to know.


its not a hernia -__- ive had it all my life and its not like some BALL there,, its just a baby tummy.. all girls can have it.

Update 2:

and its flat just like,,, idunno how to explain it.. im the one on the left side.. yello bathing suit.. see it? -.- no hernia people!

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  • 9 years ago
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    You’re not vegan, right? Otherwise you would say so.

    So you’re either an ovo-vegetarian (eating eggs/no dairies) or a lacto-vegetarian (eating dairies/no eggs) or an ovo-lacto vegetarian (eating both eggs and dairies).

    (Vegans do not eat eggs, dairies or even honey).

    Apart from legumes (beans, peas, lentils, including soy milk and tofu that comes from soybeans which are legumes), grains (rice, maize...called corn in the US, whole-wheat pasta and bread, rye, buckwheat, oats, millet...) and nuts/seeds (peanut butter included) you can get protein from eggs (ovo-vegetarian), dairies (lacto-vegetarian) or both (ovo-lacto vegetarian).

    A belly pouch is not a Latina thing. It could be a hormonal thing ( birth) or just getting older.

    Body fat is not just a storage system for energy but is used for other purposes, like insulation from cold (winter) or hot (summer) temperatures, protection (cushioning) for your internal organs against external injuries and producing hormones (adipose tissue = fat stored on your body, is an important endocrine organ).

    Your mother is older and maybe reached menopause so she’s supposed to get a belly because she is using her body fat (adipose tissue) as an important endocrine organ to produce hormones. I can get a cute, round belly pouch, like a soft little cushion (that I have to hide when being dressed because of annoying beauty criteria) and get my hormones that way or I could have a flat stomach and pay $50/month for HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

    Teenage years and menopausal years are times in your life when you actually need adipose tissue to get the hormones you need.

    Translate that by “when you’re young or getting old, you need to get fat to not get out of your mind with mood swings but it’s highly considered operating outside the parameters of nowadays beauty criteria."

    That said, if you’re physically active, make sure to keep proper form when exercising so you don’t get protruding abs.

    A hard bulge could be a hernia (rush to the hospital) but I doubt it and you should not worry if you have regular BM. I would say it’s more likely protruding abs so it’s hard muscle mass because you did crunches with bad form or did not keep your belly in when exercising.

    Always keep your belly in, like pull your belly button towards your spine and contract your abdominal muscles when doing any exercises, whether aerobics or weight training.

    Then, for good measure, keep your belly in all day’s like standing’s a habit. Slouching people have a hard time sitting straight hours at a time.

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  • justin
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    You might have a hernia. You will need to see a doctor to make sure of this.

    Also, i would go see a nutritionist if I were you. Since you don't eat meat, your body is lacking a lot of things that it needs, they will you make sure that you are getting what you need from the foods that you will eat. Though you are in a healthy weight range, if you are as active as you are trying to project, then you should weigh more.

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  • 9 years ago

    If you have a hard bulge in or around your naval you may have a hernia which is where part of the intestine is protruding through the abdominal wall. You should see your doctor immediately.

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