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Can anyone help me analyse this poem by Loh Guan Liang?


…away footsteps those

carry to lift the for waiting

button the presses

then, pauses finger index An.

corridor the beyond vanishing

before smaller, smaller

getting see we all is back

His. know not do We? Whose

– by longingly look or goodbye

say to whether knowing not,

midway stop that tears:

behind softly shuts door the

as departing feet

of shot up-close A…

Stop. Play it again.

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    When we remember things, the memories which are closest to us (yesterday, last week) are clearer and more vivid than memories which are further away in time (a year ago, when we were in our early teens).

    So the picture we have of past time in our memories runs backward: yesterday comes first, then the day before yesterday; last week comes before last year.

    Loh Guan Liang captures how memory runs time backward by writing each sentence of his poem backward:

    Start at the end and read:

    A close-up shot of feet departing as the door shuts softly behind.

    It is a nifty trick. It disguises how cliché and sentimental the poem actually is.

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