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why is everybody saying that apple dissapointed with iphone 4s?

motorola droid has came out with 3 phones and they all have looked the exact same as the first one all they did was add a better camera and better proccessor and thats about it, and the same for the samsung galaxy s2 it looks the exact same as the first one and all they added was a better camera and dual core proccessor and the screen is a litter more colorful and thats it. apple also left the design the same and added a better camera and dual proccessors and the iphone has the highest resolution screen on any cell phone out and the iphone 4s also got siri which is a sick voice software. and also ios is way better software than android, android looks and feels like a boring and ugly software. and also for 4g that stuff is barely available anywhere barely has 4g anywhere and its 4g isnt even faster than att 3g only verizons 4g lte is good but its barely available anywhere and isnt really ready to actually be called a real 4g network, every carrier isnt expecting great 4g coverage until 2012.


the screen is perfect the battery life is better than most phones and it has 3 carriers. 4g drains ur battery like crazy

Update 2:

and the antennas are fixed

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    the thing is every one expect more from an apple product ,but seriously they took 15 months just to change camera and siri ,iphone 4 is good but they could have done more then that ,but anyway i'm going to pre order it:)

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    Here's the difference between how you referred to the Galaxy S II. The Galaxy S II didn't feel like a minor upgrade. Yes, like the 4S it had an upgraded processor and camera. However, those weren't the only differences. The transition of the Galaxy S II from the Galaxy S was more like the transition from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4.

    Simply, what I mean is the design is not the same at all. The primary structure is there, but the overall look and feel is still quite different. The back for instance, the camera is moved from the corner to center and the back has this carbon-fiber feel and the phone itself is now slimmer. Not only that, but the technology used in some areas have also changed. It went from a Super AMOLED display to a Super AMOLED+ display which moves away from the PenTile pixel alignment to the traditional RGB pixel alignment which makes images look sharper. Also, the display has been increased in size.

    Also, TouchWiz 3 and TouchWiz 4 has also had major changes. While TouchWiz 3 was quite laggy and very iPhone-ish, TouchWiz 4 is starting to look a bit more original. Not only that, it has become one of the smoothest skins on an Android phones and is much lighter and cleaner than before. Not only that, the apps that came with the phone was also different. There were much less bloatware on the GS II than on the original GS.

    Now have a look at this image:

    These two doesn't look that much a like. So the changes are still quite noticeable.

    Here is the main reason why tons of people are greatly disappointed by the iPhone 4S. Look at this image:

    The design has no changes at all. Not even a tiny bit (apart from it being a bit taller so older cases couldn't fit it in). People were expecting big things from Apple this year. But instead, there were only big 3 changes. The camera, processor and Siri. Those were the only major changes. The rest ain't as huge.

    But these aren't the only reason. People were also disappointed because of how long it took for Apple to show all this. People waited 16 months and were expecting some changes in design, screen size and something very ground breaking. Instead, it was just a minor upgrade from the last. People wanted the iPhone 5, not the iPhone 4S. It's embarrassing to hear that it took them "16 months" to do all that, while companies like Samsung, HTC and Sony Ericsson can do these changes within a few months (HTC Sensation and Sensation XE | Sony Ericsson Xperia arc and Xperia arc S for example).

    While some of the improvements does make this better from the previous iPhone. The changes aren't big enough to people. Which is why people are greatly disappointed. While Siri is probably one of the coolest things introduced, it still isn't big enough to be used. I mean, how often would you use the voice assistant tool. The Galaxy S II has one and it isn't used quite often by many users. And before you tell me that it could be different with the iPhone since it's much more polished, look at FaceTime. The number of people using it isn't that high either.

    What Apple has done is not going ahead of the competition. But rather, where the competition has already went. Even Windows Phone seems more interesting now. Also, you have forgotten that Samsung is releasing the Galaxy Note which has an even higher resolution than the Retina Display? Retina Display is qHD (640×960) whereas HD Super AMOLED is HD (1280×720). See, again. Samsung is already releasing something bigger and trying to bring the Stylus back into the game. They're not doing small changes but doing large ones.

    Remember, Google and Samsung are showing their Nexus Prime phone next week which actually looks different and has a HD Super AMOLED screen and runs on Android Ice-Cream Sandwhich which has a lot of changes from Android Gingerbread. All that around the same time as last time. Not 16 months later like Apple did. So in the end, that is why people are disappointed.

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    It has screen problems, the screen breaks easy, the battery sucks, the antenna sucks, the carrier sucks, the multitasking sucks, storage limitation sucks.

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