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What to wear for an outdoor fall family portrait with 6 month old twins and a four year old?

This is our first time doing a family photo with our twins and I am not sure how I should coordinate my family for an outdoor fall family portrait at a vinyard/winery. It will be myself, my husband and our 3 girls (4 years old & 6 month old twins). Any ideas???

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  • 9 years ago
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    Wear black, white or fall colours, gold red maroon brown beige, etc

    Wear colours all in the same family (brightness) but don't worry too much.

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  • 4 years ago

    i do no longer think of absolutely everyone at right here is going to offer you a miracle answer! God in the event that they do this they had be a millionaire! I even have 2 ladies, one is 3 and the different 20 months. My eldest went by the comparable ingredient while she grew to become into 18 months which grew to become into very tiring with a new child having night feeds additionally! It then in simple terms form of have been given later or maybe went to 6.30! LOL. It feels never ending yet believe me that's in simple terms a ingredient. My youngest began this final week and believe me i comprehend how tiring that's! My worry is they share a room and my 3 12 months old might probable sleep jointly as 6 yet now's up at 4.30-5.00. One sturdy ingredient approximately having 2 toddlers that share a room is they occupy one yet another. tell them they are not getting up jointly as 7am and permit them to play quietly. I also have a television/DVD of their room and that i positioned that on yet no longer all and sundry feels the comparable approximately that! So sorry i haven't any solutions for you whether that's going to end and there is 'easy on the tip of the tunnel' - believe me xx

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  • 9 years ago

    well depends how the weather is where you are taking the photos try to find clothes with fall colors

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