Spread of Islam in Post-Classical Era?

Which factors in the post-classical world allowed for the explosive expansion of Islam?

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    A combination of decades of warfare,famine caused by drought,and religious persecution as state policy had left both the Sassanid Persian and Byzantine empires militarily and financially exhausted;populations in the provinces of both were also extremely hostile to the central imperial government because of this - and this was just at the time the Arabs,with their new Muslim faith,decided to attacked both.

    In such a weakened state,neither empire was able to offer much resistance,particularly as the existing populations in many provinces were willing to change masters for the above reasons,so either refused to aid in defending against the Arabs or,in some cases,actively aided them.

    The Sassanid empire collapsed within a few years,the Arabs taking over almost the whole of its previous territory.The Byzantines,with a better military infrastructure and organization were able to offer a better resistance,but were only saved by their strong navy and the formidable walls of Constantinople,which the Arabs unsuccessfully besieged 674-678.

    So,the extremely weak state of the Byzantine and Sassanid Persian empires just as the Arabs attacked them was the main factor that allowed for the rapid expansion of Islam;the Arabs were so successful so quickly that they were able to take over the local administrative infrastructure of the areas they conquered more or less intact,which made consolidating and ruling their conquests much easier.

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    Post Classical Era

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