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OK OK.. who is this amanda knox you speak of?

I've heard about her, so who is she?

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    Amanda Knox is a Seattle student who went to Italy to study and was railroaded into prison by an out of control tabloid press and a corrupt prosecutor who concocted a fantasy scenario about her murdering her female roommate. The real killer is already prison, but Amanda was sent to prison for four years before her conviction was overturned and she was allowed to return to Seattle at long last. No one was ever more innocent of anything, and her original conviction was an absolutely shameful travesty of justice.

    Source(s): Followed every detail of the case for four years.
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    A girl from USA who was wrongfully convicted of murder in Italy and was finally aquitted on appeal, she is back home in USA at long last too.

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    She is an american girl who supposedly killed her roommate while in italy. Basically, they just let her free yesterday and she is in the US right now. People are mad because they think she did it and she got let free.

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    Silence! You talk of the Dark Dimensions. Hush, lest something hear you...

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