How can i find an old employers phone number?

I had an employer back in 2002 and they have since gone out of business. I have the last known address of the business but it is no longer there. The phone number that i tracked down is now someone else phone number and not the company in question. I am needing it for a background check with a law enforcement agency and am trying to exhaust all my resources. Is there a way of looking up like a directory of business licenses and all the information will be there? any help would be great. thank you

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    A federal tax identification number, or employer identification number (EIN), is one of the primary methods through which the U.S. government identifies businesses and companies. When filing their taxes, employees often have to note the business's federal tax ID number.

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    Finding Your Own Company's Federal Tax ID Number


    Find the email or letter sent to you by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if you have misplaced the federal tax ID number for your business. You would have received this notice to confirm the receipt of your tax ID application with the IRS. On the confirmation form, typically in the top left corner, is your company's ID number.


    Contact any bank or financial institution where you applied for a business account. To open one of these accounts, you had to give your company's ID number, and they may provide it to you on request.


    Call the Internal Revenue Service's Business Tax Line at 1-800-829-4933. Request to speak to a federal tax assistant. He or she will ask you to provide identifiable corporate information that helps verify that you are indeed the owner of the business, and then provide you with your company's ID number.

    Finding Your Employer's Federal Tax ID Number


    Contact your company's human resources or accounting department. Some businesses, depending on their size, may combine the two departments. Request the company's federal tax ID number and explain why you need this information. Businesses are used to providing this information to employees and will give it to you for reasonable purposes.


    Find an old W-2 form or similar tax or income record issued to you by the company. The business's federal tax ID number is often located on the sheet in the employer's information box.


    Contact your local Internal Revenue Service office and ask to speak to a tax representative or assistant. They will provide the company's EIN.

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