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Do you know what the world's longest living people eat?

Thomas Nelson Sr. lived to be 111 years old. He ate molasses, tomatoes and roasted pork. Yehuda Chitrik-American-Jewish author, lived to be 106 years, ate lemons. Marion Higgins liked peanut butter and used vinegar to spice up her food, LIVED 112. Linda Wise, used common weeds to make teas, once said that she belonged to Jesus (God's Medicine Is Best by Linda Wise her book published in 2007). Share what you know about the food centenarians eat, what do you know?

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    I've done a lot of reading about this, various diets.

    The one consistency is that we should all be eating a vegan, plant based diet.

    However, I believe that while diet can help extend your life, genetics will ultimately be the primary indicator how long you live.

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    not any of that donuts and sugar and they didnt smoke or anything like that, giving you a healthy metablolism and system to live longer and stayed active alot.

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    Well eat that and stay very very active

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