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Have you ever read "Life As We Knew It" or "The Dead & The Gone" by Susan Beth Pfeffer?

If you did, how did you like it????? I LOVED it!!!!! I'm currently reading the third book (This World We Live In) for about the 4th time. I'll write more about how I liked it if anybody comments....


@ninja girl....I've read Life As We Knew It more times than I can count!! Yeah, best book ever. The 2nd book is pretty boring, its set in NYC and follows a lower-class boy that lives with his dysfunctional family. When the meteor hits he has to help his 2 little sister survive. (spolier alert!: unhappy ending!!)I really didn't enjoy that much--to be honest.

But then in the 3rd book, that i'm re-reading now; we're back to Miranda and her family. They are doing well (and by well, i mean still devastated..but alive) Her brothers Matt and Jon go to the Delaware River to catch fish and Matt comes back with a new wife: Sylvia. they decide to get married and Syl tells them about how people travel in "bands" and travel on foot and sometimes hitchhike on FoodTrucks. Then Miranda's dad and step-mom (Lisa) arrive with their new born____(dont want to ruin it for ya!) and their "band" that band happens to include Alex (the boy from the 2nd book) and his sister Julie. Anyways....I'll let you read

Update 2:

OH!!!! AND BETTER LET Y'ALL KNOW THE AUTHOR ANNOUNCED SHE *****IS****** WRITTING A 4TH BOOK!!! AHHHH!!!! Its going to be called "The Shade Of The Moon" I KNEW the book couldn't end @ the 3rd!!!

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    Life As We Knew It , i liked very much, Miranda was ok! I freaked out for them for what would happen next for them in the book. The Dead & Gone ( which i just finished!) WAS AMAZING. It was so depressing and i felt misery for Alex and his sisters. I'm interested in reading The World We Live In next! I'm not too excited on the idea of Alex and Miranda falling for each other but oh well, amazing books.

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    Ugh....I couldn't STAND Life As We Knew It because I absolutely detested Miranda Evans. She was such an unlikable, irritating character. However, I really liked The Dead and the Gone. The main character was way more sympathetic. I actually cared about what happened to him. Plus, he was smarter and more tough and responsible than Miranda.

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