In Flight meal Thomas cook?

Hi, I'm flying out on the 14th of October (Glasgow - Tenerife) and i'm wondering how does a cabin crew know if i have bought in flight meal and i'm flying out early in the morning 7am so waht kind of food would i get e.g Some sort of breakfest, Lunch and a biscuit maybe ??? :)

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    They have a list of seat numbers & names of people who have paid for an inflight meal. You will get breakfast but not lunch.

  • 8 years ago

    Hi, I've often wondered this but I study Aviation (to be Cabin Crew) at college and all my tutors are ex-cabin crew members. If you have paid for a meal the crew will know as they will have a sheet with every passengers name on and the meals that have been ordered. You will be more likely to be having a breakfast meal if it is 7am. You'll probably have like sausages or something like that?

  • 8 years ago

    If you pre-pay and there is no voucher I would assume they would have a list of names (and perhaps seat numbers) for those who purchased meals. As for the menu, I have no idea. Check their website, perhaps?

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