Need "take along" power supply for my laptop...?

My Toshiba Satellite battery doesn't last ong enough when we take our trailer out (no electricity).

Should I buy an extra 12 cell laptop battery that I can charge at home before we leave:…


should I buy an external universal battery that I can also charge before I leave?…

Which would power my laptop longer?

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Between the two links that I posted, which would power my laptop the longest? The 12-cell laptop battery shows 9600 mAh and the external battery fully charged shows 20000 mAh. I will occasionally have access to a power supply, so I can recharge every few days.


Both options I would have to charge before I leave.

And I do have a car charger, but won't that drain my battery??? Sheesh, what do I have to do, buy a generator!!! Cant' do that :/

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    Use the car charger to charge your standard battery. It will not run the car battery down enough to keep the car from starting unless you run is for days at a time without starting the car. The other alternative if you want to set the trailer up for regular use would be to get an additional deep cycle battery ( like for boat use) and mount it in the trailer with power socket hooked to the battery. These sockets are available from Radio shack, Walmart or any auto parts store. The socket looks just like a standard car power outlet with a little cord attached that connects to the battery terminals. This setup will keep your laptop going for a long time before it needs to be charged ( up to several days of use depending on laptop model) To calculate the run time estimate just think, the standard battery is 9600Mah or 9.6amp/hour and a typical deep cycle boat battery is 400-500amp/hours so 40-50 hours of run time per charge. You can also get a solar charging panel from places like Harbor Freight that will charge the boat battery from the sun, see link below. You could mount the solar panel on the top of the trailer connected to the battery and it will charge it during the day. The solar panel output is not enough to run the laptop but it should help keep the battery charged.

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    there is not any longer, regrettably, a conventional skill grant for laptops. each producer creates their very own. I actually have a 7 3 hundred and sixty 5 days old HP laptop and a clean HP netbook and the skill grant cable from the old HP does not greater healthful the hot HP. whilst technologies superior and made each little thing smaller so went the skill factors alongside with it. Will it artwork? i could say it relies upon on if that is an identical 3 hundred and sixty 5 days and the precise comparable variety or no longer, otherwise i could tend to have faith the respond is not any, yet I even have an person-friendly thank you to unravel it. Zoom in on a percentof the laptop you wanna purchase. Zoom in on the enter plug for the skill. Now, seem on the cable you very own and desire to apply and notice if the ends are even remotely comparable. If no longer then you definately know you are going to could desire to invest around 30$ greenbacks for a clean one. sturdy success!

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    The only other thing you can do is browse google and see if anyone else has gotten an answer to this problem.

    Theres maybe been around one or two people a week on here asking for help but as far as i've seen no ones ever gotten an answer.

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    Thank you very much ahead of time.

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    Since the laptop battery has several different ouput voltages i don't see how you use external battery pack, no way to hook it up, the only way is to use replacement battery/s fully charged before leaving the house and keep them cool and dry until there needed

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    Neither of your links work, you need to be very careful buying any aftermarket batteries. Doesn't Toshiba offer an Automobile adapter to run from the car lighter, that may be a better choice.

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