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How would I make an HDD play music?

Like this!

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I would want to replicate this (I have some old hdd's lying around :D)

I couldn't find any info on this through a google search.....

I found a lot of idiotic questions like 'how to play an mp3 file from a hard-drive'

I also found how to make an hdd speaker, but that ain't what I am looking for.....

so any ideas?

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    Ask the guy who uploaded the video -

    I imagine they are electronics geeks who have rigged it up with a circuit board and a programmed eeprom or something. There is no ordinary "way" to do this. Reminds me of the Renault team playing God Save The Queen on an F1 car -

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    EDIT- Here's another vid showing some of the hardware required, I was more or less right.

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    well, that clever chappy just had his speaker wires held across the connections to the stepper motor - not eaxctly rocket science, but if your HDD is heading for the scrapheap, then go on and fill yer boots.

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