Need help with french homework?

So I had a butt-load of french hommework today, and I need to finish it by tomorrow. I already finished 90% of it all, but I got stuck on a exercise, I'm half-way through it, but the rest of it is just too difficult.

Can someone help me? It doesn't have to be all correct. No one's perfect.

The Questions:

M. et Mme Legrand et leurs enfants, Louise, Amelie et Nicolas, ont passe leurs vacances a Fecamp. Mais pour aller la-bas, ce n'etait pas facile!

Regardez les dessins et racontez l'histoir. Utilisez l'imparfait ou le passe compose.

Commencez comme ca: Exemple: La famille Legrand etait contente de partir. Il.....

(The pictures aren't necessary from were I ended, but the pictures show that it's raining)

(There are bullet points, and you're supposed to make a small sentence, in imparfait or passe compose, depending if it suits the sentence, everything is in "il/elle/on" 3.pers.)

-se disputer

-etre enerve

-rouler trop vite

-regarder la carte

-faire demi-tour

-enfin: arriver a Fecamp

-installer la tente / pas facile

-le soir: toute la famille devant la tele

-regarder un film sur la mere

Thank you so much if you could help, you don't have to help me with every question, you can also just answer one.

I've been really busy, there's a test in 2 days, and I still have to catch up the 2 years of french I missed, because I used to live in China, and they didn't teach french there. So it's been difficult lately, I also had to get a tutor and everything. I have my tutoring in about an hour.

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    8 years ago
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    be upset-

    -drive too fast

    -look at the map

    -turn around

    -Finally: get a Fecamp

    -install the tent / not easy

    -the evening the whole family watching TV

    -watch a movie on the mother

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  • 3 years ago

    At my college the instructor gave us 3 or 4 days to get some thing signed. besides i think of the excellent area of do in this subject is to be truthful along with her and say you forgot to take the type or w/e abode, yet clarify which you talked inclusive of your dad and mom approximately college room expectancies and rules and which you will get it signed for the next day if she went over the checklist with you in college and in case you have been paying attetnion. If she did no longer nonetheless bypass over it with you bypass the comparable path different than say you forgot to take it abode and which you are going to take it abode the subsequent night and bypass over it inclusive of your be certain that night. instructors like honesty and center college is a humorous tale, you are able to hand in something once you opt for so i do no longer likely see how that's a enormous deal. only be truthful and say your sorry and it won't ensue lower back. don't get into this bs off faking signatures like come on ur in grade 7 if i'm no longer improper!

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    8 years ago


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