What kind of local bread and dip do they eat most in Saudi Arabia?

I've had a few middle-eastern breads and wondering if Saudis have their own:-

(1) 'Lebanese' bread, which is completely flat, and used to wrap around shwarma in all Western countries;

(2) Pita, perfect for hummus.

(3) Lafa, an enormous puffy Iraqi bread that looks like a pizza base. Excellent for quick pizza and giant lafa;

(4) Turkish bread, used for Turkish dishes.

(5) Afghan bread. An enormous rectangle nearly a metre long. A bit salty.

In Egypt, foul with pita is ubiquitous. In Palestine, it's hummus with pita. In the west it's 'Lebanese bread' with shwarma. How about in KSA?

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  • 8 years ago
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    this is one of the very good things to live in saudi arabia

    we have all kind food from all around the world. we have very big choices.

  • Mintee
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    8 years ago

    Saudis just love bread period..

    you go to the bakeries and you will see many varieties of breads..

    from the plain flat bread that almost resembles a tortilla

    puffy thick circle bread,

    normal pitta bread

    long baquettes

    regular loaf sliced bread

    wheat bread,

    grain bread

    its all there and you'll see people buying it all here..

    Im my Saudi family for breadfast in the morning. they eat mostly just a simple plain pitta bread served with bits of cheese slices, olives, olive oil, zaatar (spice with thyme, oregano, toasted sesame seeds)

    maybe some fruit slices, and some boiled or scrambled eggs.. you'll always find a plate of this set out int he mornings..

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Fatir (Flat Bread) - Authentic fatir is made with toasted barley flour, their local bread is very tasty by the way)

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