Who would win a military confrontation between China and the United States?

Say a war breaks out between China and the USA, who would win? No allies helping, just USA v China, all out war.

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  • Alex
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    8 years ago
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    The United States of America would win.

    We have Falcon HTV-2 hypersonic planes (can travel up to Mach 20) - the fastest in the world, traveling 20 times faster than the speed of sound. It can travel from Sydney to London in 1 hour (normally a 23 hour flight). These planes can travel from USA to China in about 35 minutes. The fastest cruise missile in the world are supersonic at best and no match for hypersonic planes. The Indian-Russian built BrahMos missile travel at Mach 3 at best, no match for a Mach 20 hypersonic Falcon HTV-2.

    Added to the fact, China do not possess a BrahMos and at best have substandard Tomahawks, which are subsonic at best. This means that within 35 minutes we can get planes over Chinese air space that no missile or other plane can intercept, no land weapon can attack either. With this speed, with can destroy China's nuclear power plants and reactors (our satellites can track every active nuclear weapon through heat monitoring), thus the Chinese nuclear threat is eradicated

    Next, our navy is far more powerful than China's. We have 11 aircraft carriers, China have none (though they are in the process of building one right now). We have submarines that can go untraceable on radar's and torpedoes which can destroy most China's warships. We would probably take over the South-China sea within 16 hours. Our 11 aircraft carriers would surround China in vantage point, and with our Falcon HTV-2's up over Chinese airspace, our aircraft carriers will release F-16s, F-117s and stealth bombers (e.g. Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit), would dominate air force of the People's Liberation Army. We would have complete and total air supremacy of China within two days. This will enable us to get our ground troops on Chinese soil. With the planes backing up the troops, the People's Liberation Army has no chance. In less than a month, the entire PLA would be destroyed. The Armed Forces of the United States of America would control all of China.

    Also, in the event that China does go nuclear (which they wont because our HTV-2's would have demolished all nuclear resources), we have LGM-30 Minuteman's which can travel at Mach 23, the fastest, most effective and powerful nuclear warhead on the planet. The Chinese stand no chance.

    End result: Comprehensive American victory.

    Chinese casualties would be in the millions, America would lose fifty thousand at most.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Despite the fact that there is no chance of this happening any time soon, I might as well set the record straight...

    1. If the 2 countries fought a 'war', it would likely be more of a 'Cold War' where they are battling for proxies (smaller countries who support them, host their military bases and align economic and political interests). This war would likely not occur until at least 2025 or later and would probably be somewhere bordering China like Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia or Taiwan (though I agree with Beijing that Taiwan is just a renegade province that will eventually return peacefully).

    2. If war somehow broke out today...

    - China does not have the ability to invade or launch a significant military assault on US territory.

    - US has the ability, but not the interest or will, to attack China.

    - China could successfully defend against or deter a US attack by striking their aircraft carriers, naval forces, or bases in the region.

    - Their two economies are too dependent on each other for either side to want a war. They will continue to be antagonistic as rivals, but not as military enemies.

    It is likely that China will become richer (as a country) than the USA within the next 20-40 years. They are on pace to equal the USA militarily around 2040. This does not mean war. The US will still be a very rich country in total terms and per capita terms. While the average Chinese person will have as much wealth as the average American somewhere after 2050 or so, the Americans will still be a very well-off country that would be stupid to launch a war with another superpower.

    Source(s): History degree, Teacher, Editorialist, China/Northeast Asia buff
  • Fratzz
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    8 years ago

    War is a crime. War is a big expansive game of the biggest killers of them all. Organised killing done by Organised Killers. Im sure many wars are a one sided affair. One side wins. All the people have been fooled by the Mainstream Media and the Propaganda of Politicians. They are greedy and have very very very big vested interests.

    AND they pay your sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, fathers and mothers to be direct killers or help in carrying out the crime. I see a lot of truth in history and also PLENTY of lies.

    All of these guys chasing after something that they can never truly say is their own. Today you are a Donald Trump and tommorow you are dust with maybe a better tomb stone than others.

    I have a granddad that is in the ground. I dont know much about him although i lived with him for 5 years. I have no real heart breaking memory of him that cripples my life. It is the same for everybody. Traces of memory. that is all and as time goes by you are dust. and hardly anybody will ever remember you ever.

    What are all these mighty nations "fighting" for??? Really. What are they killing for. Why are they commiting these crimes for. To hoard something that they can never keep. Maybe their children will squader it or maybe not. Nothing is definite. A north korean woman is a woman all the same. An african man is a man all the same. Love one another. Share your stuff. Hug one another. Dont get busy with your future and forget the moment that is now. And dont be burdened with your past.

  • 8 years ago

    "no winners in war" who comes up with this crap? The winner is the one left standing. america would win currently but if the USA continues with its economic suicide Iceland could defeat it in the next 50 years.

    • Trey6 years agoReport

      well if we were ruined economically they to would be as our companies give them a substantial amount of money enough to destroy their economy more than it already is

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  • 8 years ago

    THE US would lose!! because there very much over extended financially broke with all there other illegal wars started by there war mongering nation. only hope for them is to vote :Ron Paul

  • sanity
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    8 years ago

    It will be a lose-lose.

    There are no winners in war.

  • 8 years ago

    Who really cares!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    another stupid boring question ,you have your boring answer

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