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How to apply for UK citizenship after leave to remain?

OK I just recieved a letter stating I did not meet the criteria for leave to remain but they made an exception due to my situation so I was granted leave to remain until September 28,2014. After September 28,2014 how do I go about applying for UK citizenship? Can I do it now or do I have to wait? Thanks


Also how do i go about getting a national insurance number?

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    You won't qualify for citizenship with just LTR you must have indefinite leave to remain. You cannot apply for ILR until you have been legally resident in the UK for five years, or two years if you are on a spouse visa.

    It sounds as though you have discretionary LTR which can be removed at any time and which you will have to apply to extend in 2014. You are not free of immigration control. Only ILR frees you from immigration control.

    To be eligible to apply for citizenship you must be legally resident in the UK for five years at least and hold ILR for one year. For the majority of people this means that in practice it takes six years before you can apply. If you are married to a British citizen you must be resident for three years and hold ILR at the time of applying although you do not need to hold ILR for a full year.

    To apply for a NIN you must make an appointment for a proof of identity interview. Here's the details.

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    only word which you are able to not practice for a passport till when you're already a citizen. Citizenship processing could take some months. In Canada its taking some million 3 hundred and sixty 5 days.

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    Go to the Home Office website ( Border Agency section) - all the information is there.

    On receipt of indefinite leave to remain, you need to complete a form which requires two referees amongst other things plus the payment of fees which used to be £900 odd 2 years ago- I would imagine considerably more now.

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