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How disturbing is Eyes Wide Shut?

I'm 14 and I've always wondered what that movie was about. I've seen it in the Dvd store thousands of times and my brother just rented it. It's sitting on my kitchen bench at the moment and I'm going to watch it after I go take a shower. But how disturbing is it? I've seen Salo (120 Days Of Sodom) and that didn't disturb me one bit, honestly that was a walk in the park.

But how disturbing is Eyes Wide Shut?

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    It's not disturbing, reason being that the things depicted in the movie simply don't seem real or believable. It's a beautifully shot movie by one of the best film makers of all time, Stanley Kubrick. What's good about the movie is subtle details, but I find it hard to argue with anyone who just calls it dull. The entire premise is pretty stupid: a guy's wife says that she fantasized about some guy on a ship, and he just loses his mind. 24 hours later they're cool again.

    If you want to see a couple great movies of his that are considered disturbing to some, check out The Shining and Clockwork Orange.

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    There is NOTHING disturbing about EYES WIDE SHUT. It's just long,stupid and boring.

    This was Kubrick's final film and it was/is a disaster. He wanted it to be shocking but he made it 30 years too late. You won't be disturbed by anything in it. It's BORING.

    It in NO WAY compares with Salo(120 Days of Sodom). It's like a comic book compared to Salo. If that one didn't disturb you ( It didn't disturb me either) you have nothing to worry about with EYES WIDE SHUT. You'll probably turn it off before it's over -it's so boring. Good luck

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    Not disturbing, but the majority of people won't like Eyes Wide Shut. It's pacing is slow, and it has very mature themes. The sex scenes definitely aren't m rated but they're really not that bad compared to what some other movies have done.

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    I don't find it disturbing but it has so many sex scenes and I don't think it's appropriate for 14yrs old..

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    mostly it was just dull

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