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What is your sign and what is your reaction to this love confession?

You don't have to answer all of my questions; one or two is good enough.

BQ1: Find your sign here, what do you have to say about that?

BQ2: Which sign's love confession you love the most/least?

BQ3: What is the sign of your crush, or lover, or even choose one? And your reaction to its love confession?

Aries - I love you, this is why I want to have sex with you, and I "love" arguing with you because this shows you how much I "love" you!

Taurus - I love you, this is why I am giving you my all, I will buy you dinner, I can satisfy you materialistically, just let me know what you want me to buy you. I love you!

Gemini - "I love you!!!!!!!!", I love you today, tomorrow I will say "I love you" again, and I will say "I love you" every single day, you have to believe me, I really love you!

Cancer - I love you, I will clean your room, clean your kitchen, clean your bathroom, and I will be your slave, I will shower you with lots and lots of gifts. Master! Master! I love you!

Leos - I love you, this is why I'm giving you all the best things in the world, I will introduce you to all of my friends, I want them to know I have good taste in men/(women)! I love me, I love you too honey!

Virgo - I love you, I don't think I deserve you, I repeat: I don't think I deserve you, I will repeat this quote over and over again, AND I will repeat this quote every single day okay? I love you! I repeat, I love you!

Libra - I love you, I will stand right beside you, sit with you, go on the phone with you, I will be with you from morning till midnight, I will be with you every single day. I really love you.

Scorpio - I love you, I worry about you leaving me, this is why I'm monitoring you 24/7, don't leave my sight okay? I love you.

Sagittarius - I love you, and I love hanging out with my friends, come with me, come hang out with my friends, I love you! What do you want to do tomorrow? Want to hang out with my friends?

Capricorn - I love you, and I'm trying my best to love you, but I can't be with you all day everyday, because I love my job too!

Aquarius - I love you, my love for you is unique, can you feel it? What, you can't feel it? Well, ... I love you.

Pisces - I love you, I can make you feel my love any seconds, any minutes, any hours, any places, anywhere! I love you!

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  • Bree
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    8 years ago
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    Aries - The aggressive banter will eventually wear me out emotionally and I'll be hurt. But if a guy was a little mean it may make me want to find his softer side and that's what intrigues me about Aries.

    Taurus - Nice gesture but I don't really like things to be like this, I don't want material things otherwise I'll feel like I'll owe them and it will make me feel anxious, like I've accumulated a debt.

    Gemini - Tiring but cute :P I'll probably match that enthusiasm and we'd be the lovey-dovey creepy couple that everybody dislikes. But I don't see it lasting. Too intense for a 'confession' I like things to build up not start at a 10! So this one doesn't feel like it comes from a deep place.

    Cancer - Aw it's cute makes me want to hug them and give them my affection but I'd ban them from coming into my house if they started sorting through my things and cleaning out my wardrobe!! :O How insulting!!

    Leos - This one makes me feel like we're in two different worlds, I'd give it a go since I'm good at adapting but naturally I usually like to be in my own element doing my own thing which is where I feel most comfortable.

    Virgo - This one's very accurate....

    Libra - This ones probably the nicest and I genuinely believe that they want this :)

    Scorpio - I actually like this one for some messed up reason. I don't mind that intensity and possessiveness though I can see myself suffocating a while maybe if they were hiding in the bush wherever I go.

    Sagittarius - I find this one to be quite exhausting too, sounds nice and fun!! It would be a nice fling, but I'd have to do a lot of adjusting to fit around them.

    Capricorn - Kind of too cold for me but at the same time I like when people have priorities and goals for themselves. Just as long as they regard me as a priority also :/

    Aquarius - lolol Aquarian would be intriguing but it seems like I'd be delving into the unknown. Just along as they don't want to bring a third or forth person into the relationship or be into swingers clubs or hardcore S+M. Like are the freaky things Aqua like -___-.....That'd be too much for me.

    Pisces - Hey! That's my line ^_~ me love you long time.

    BQ1: Accurate, when I love I want to give so much to them. I want them to feel that they are loved completely

    ^__^)b Nice Q Oppa!! How would you answer?

    Source(s): EDIT: Yeah, I checked it, that's the one I was talking about in that PM ^^ Btw, it's both confusing and interesting your whole master/slave complex you got going on there *nods* Bree sensei will look into a cure for you *nods again* ^^
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  • 8 years ago

    BQ1 - I'm a Leo... I like it mostly, except for the last sentence & the part about wanting my friends to see I have good taste in men... that's not why I'm with a guy. My love confession as a Leo would be more like, "I love you with all my heart and soul, I can't see my future without you in it, you make me so happy, I wish I could spend the rest of my days with you, good and bad, I'll take it all as long as it's with you. You are my partner in crime, and I love you."

    BQ2: The confession I love most - Scorpio. Seriously. Besides the fact that it's kind of cute and funny. It turns me on knowing a guy is worried about me leaving him because it makes me want to stay even more. I dont' care if he monitors me because I have nothing to hide from him, and I like to let him know what I am doing.

    The confession I love least - Cancer. Slave? Wtf?

    I think Sagittarius sounds like fun. Aquarius sounds cute. Aries sounds fun too.

    BQ3: My sweetheart is a Scorpio, he acts like that sometimes, and that's when I feel my love for him most of all. When he is vulnerable like that. I'm so glad to be with him. I love the Scorpio love profession most of all. <3

    Source(s): Leo
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  • 8 years ago

    BQ1: Virgo, and that's right on for me.

    BQ2: Libra is the one I'm most attracted to, and I wouldn't be able to stand an Aries or Pisces.

    BQ3: I don't have a crush or bf, but my dream guy would be, based on these, a Libra. I'm a loyal person, and I want the same back from any friend or lover.

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  • 8 years ago

    BQ1: Cancer, yeah that's totally me man. Haha.

    BQ2: Fav, Pisces; Least, Aries

    BQ3: My guy is a Sagitarius, and I suppose it is kind of right. Although, he is soo sweet and romantic compared to that confession. I guess my reaction would be I'm happy he can express his love for me better than that<3

    Aries - Completely true, my step dad is an Aries and all he does is want to fight with everyone. They don't have to be his love. Lol.

    Taurus - Love the security.

    Gemini - That would piss me off so much man. Haha.

    Cancer - Sweet but I want to do all that stuff, not my partner.

    Leo- To self centered.

    Virgo - I would love being able to male them feel secure and loved.

    Libra - Lmao. Yeah, my sister is a Libra and she is oh so very clingy.

    Scorpio - I don't mind being watched. Haha.

    Saggitarius - My sag says it better<3

    Capricorn - Eh. To distant.

    Aquarius - They only love you until they disappear on you. Lol.

    Pisces - Fav<3

    Cancer Sun

    Taurus Moon

    Libra rising

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    LOOL these are funny.

    BQ1: Find your sign here, what do you have to say about that?

    Buying me dinner is much appreciated but if someone said they want to buy me that'd be a turn off, as if they think they can get anything they want just cause they have money.

    BQ2: Which sign's love confession you love the most/least?

    Most: Leo and Pisces

    Least: Scorpio... lol that sounds really clingy....

    BQ3: What is the sign of your crush, or lover, or even choose one? And your reaction to its love confession?

    Not crushing on anyone atm.

    Source(s): Taurus.
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  • Coco
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    8 years ago

    BQ1: ergh that statement of confession really landed on my face!! lol, it's very very true and accurate.... and that's where come the obsession.... and jealousy..... (and some might say insecurities)

    BQ2: among all these, i really love the confessions from virgo and gemini. gosh it's so funny and i might laugh if someone confessed like this to me. (not wanting to be rude but it's too cute!). the one that i didn't really like is the confession from aries..... it sounded, weird~~

    BQ3: my lover is a gemini and the confession doesn't really sound like him at all... he's a more deep and sensitive gemini though... and his confession sounds a lot of capricorn actually. he confessed in a very serious surrounding and with a deep face... (begin to wonder if he's a gemini at all)

    i'm a scorpio girl~~

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  • 5 years ago

    Scorpio made me laugh, I am a Pisces man and that would freak me out a little bit. Mine is abit wierd, I would never say that. I liked the Sagittarius the best, then joint between Leo and Libra.

    My girl is a Leo, and I would probably laugh a little and tell her I love her too, but not the Pisces one, that is not me at all! Mine would be the Gemini one

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  • 8 years ago

    Ah, it's a good question.

    BQ1: Cancer Alert. "Whoa, whoa. Ex-nay on the master." But uh.. the rest might be right. Embarrassing maybe, but right. xD

    BQ2: Scorpio's seem strong. Leo's isn't bad either. But the rest, kinda raise eyebrows from me. I'd facepalm that Aquarius. Pisces is kinda creeping on me, and Libra and Sagittarius's would've been fine if they didn't mention all their friends and business so much. It makes me want to groan. xD

    BQ3: My interest now is Aries, in fact. And dude, dude. I just got this same sentence the other day. "I can't help it, I like to argue! I like to see you angry, and then have mad sex! Arguing is a turn on for me! I like to see you fight!" <-- Another facepalm. But I thought, 'Ahh, that makes sense now~' and was just glad I don't have to take the arguing seriously anymore. -_-

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  • 8 years ago

    My sign is Virgo.

    I can say that the one you put for Virgo is pretty true for me (although I don't repeat it every day, lol).

    The one I like most is Virgo's, the one I like least is Scorpio's. Stuff like that drives me nuts. I have to have my freedom. Also the Cancer one would drive me crazy too. Anyone who felt like that would be too clingy for me.

    My boyfriend is a Taurus. I think it's sort of close, as far as the giving his all part. He's not that much into buying things, though.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I'm a Pisces, and I have to say, I'd go with the Pisces love confession! Or maybe Gemini, I know it's a bit over the top, but I like it, I think it shows dedication, and also it's just plain adorable!

    And my boyfriend's sign is... Gemini! Freaky! But that's good I guess!

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