What factors contribute to children and teens feeling anxious, stressed and depressed?

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    9 years ago
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    there are biological factors, in which their body is developing at a high rate and their hormones are RAGING. haha so it's typical that their emotional imbalance is contributed in part by their regular hormonal "high tides" and "low tides".

    Then there is the social factor, which involves some if not all of these: peer pressure, friend and family dramas, and also in this same category, we can include the Internal Factors, levels of motivation, confidence, assertiveness, if they carry with them defined moral standards or not, which has a lot to do with levels of decision making and maintaining control in life.

    AND THEN, there is the pressure of meeting standards. Some teens feel stressed trying to meet certain standards, like say, fitting in with a group of friends, achieving a certain grade is class, impressing a certain special someone. All of which, if resulted in failure or if they didn't meet their goals high enough for satisfaction (which differs in every teenager, depending on how they are able to rise back up from disappointment), contributes a lot to teenage anxiety and even result in depression.

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