do you think Amanda Knox is guilty?

just wanted to know people opinions even tho i believe shes innocent

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    9 years ago
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    Amanda Knox and then boyfriend Rafaele

    are definitely innocent, they are to thank

    their lucky stars to be out of Prison today.

    I have never felt such a house of corruption

    like their's was, and let me say this too,

    I believe the roommate was killed and had

    Amanda been in that house and not with Rafaele

    she would have been dead too just as she told

    the court, because all kinds of drug people

    file through there. I feel sorry for the victim

    but she had no rules and was promiscuous,

    being educated and young does not mean

    her morals was good. I am just glad Amanda

    went free to be the rest of her life in the US

    or if not anywhere else but Italy, her life will

    not be safe due to the fact that she was a

    suspect in a murder trial and the person who

    really did it is in jail on a lesser sentence and

    framed them only because she lived there and

    it was easy to include somebody else in it to

    serve less time, but God is on their side her

    family was vigilant in helping he out of it.

    If she don't thank God for the rest of her life

    she will never erase that from her life, she is

    just inexperienced and too young to be in a strange place

    with no relatives to fall back on, that's why it

    happened the way it did. A divine intervention set her free.

    In countries like that and even where I came from

    sometimes people don't see the light of day on a

    conviction like the one she faced, it's a very strict

    judicial system you're guilty until proven innocent,

    in the meantime jail is home, it was meant to be

    when a court like that acquit. It's hard to convince

    a jury with little or no evidence, but there it's all

    about crime and conviction, with no mercy.

  • 9 years ago

    Yeah. I think she got off with something. Think about it she may not have killed her but she helped some where down the line.

    Justice failed once again too many people are walking away free. Casey Anthony, got off with murder when everyone knows she did take her baby's life. RIP <33

    Charles Manson, Was found guilty of murder of several people back in the day. When he actually didn't kill anyone he brainwashed people into things. He has to live with the title "Murderer" and won't ever get out.

    Hitler, Never killer the Jews he trained his soliders too yet through out history people call him a Murderer.

    Troy Davis, Loss his life when there was no evidence to prove he did. Yet Casey & Amanda walk free and live a sheltered life.

    I will not buy anything related to those girls. Guilty! Guilty! Jurors, Judges & Murderers sleep tight <333

  • 9 years ago

    No. You just can't lock someone away for 20+ years with a botched investigation. Amanda is now free to return to her family and that's for the best. If the Italians wanted Meredith's death to be vindicated they should have done it properly. It's an insult to Meredith to mess it up

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Amanda Knox is GUILTY! WOW! A murderer set free ...great justice system here

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  • Jack S
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    9 years ago

    yes i think she is still guilty. Why would she first say she was in the house when the murder took place and heard meredith scream and she covered her ears....then later change her story and say she wasn't there.

  • mave
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    9 years ago

    No I think she is innocent.

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