best place to retire?

Disabled Army Veteran sick of living in Arkansas. I love to meet new people and see new things. I'm in my mid 40's and have a steady income. I lived in Texas while a child. Moved to Arkansas in my teen years and have been here since the late 70's. Just need a change I suppose. Open to any suggestions.

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    Avoid Mexico. It's not safe. The crime will kill you. Register with the state department before you go. Or they may never find your bodies.

    Mexicans launder drug money in their numerous casinos, found in all major cities, cockfights, bullfighting arenas and fairs. It's big business in Mexico.

    US State Dept travel advisory

    “crime and violence are serious problems and can occur anywhere.”

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    There are large expat communities in a variety of Mexican towns and cities. You need to think about what lifestyle you enjoy. Do you like a large city with all the people and cultural activity? Consider Mexico CIty or Guadalajara. Do you like beaches? Consider Puerto Vallarta or Acapulco. Do you like extreme heat and humidity? Consider Merida. If you prefer a smaller community, look at the areas around Lake Chapala or San Miguel de Allende.

    Check out Forums such as Mexico Connect to get some idea of the various communities. Learn a little Spanish and come on down for a visit.

    Read Rolly's How to Move to Mexico guide, and maybe buy his book.

    Source(s): happily retired in Mexico
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    Decide on a city and you MUST come and visit . Take off your tourist glass's and see it from a residence point of view.

    How will I get around ? Where to shop ? List is endless . You must see it as researching it from afar just does not help in such a major decision - trust me !

    You will need about $1200 USD a month to get your FM2 card. W/O it you can only stay 180 days on a tourist visa , leave and then return again - this is what I do .

    Yes , read the entire Rollybook site - will tell you all you need to know.

    Mexico is a far cry from the states - its pretty harsh and not for everybody .

    I would not even consider the move w/o at LEAST $1,300 a month US . Not everything is cheaper here , again trust me .

    Source(s): Retired in Acapulco.
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    sure, you can go to mexico city ...but i would not reccommend it. also san miguel de allende is also overrun by foreign expats and some tourists. lake chapa is for the retired, but likely has older people. guadalajara is a lot nicer than mexico city, but is getting more like mexico city. S)...a real out of the way place is real de catorce. zacatecas is REALLY beautiful and has most ammenities. taxco is great (if not over-run by tourist in the center of town mostly.

    what is it you like, dry heat? wet and green? small town? for small town try tequisquiapan or patzcuaro. beach? try some small towns like barra de navidad, or try todos santos on the peninsula north of cabo san lucas. try the beautiful town of angangueo (home of the monarch butterflies. not much in the north bue desert. besides, i hear that some of the places near the boarder are wher ethe drug trafficers are.

    Source(s): used to live there.
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    Playa del carmen Mexico. It is safer then Little Rock.

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