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in the 1850's was their a peacefull solution to slavery?

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    No. It wasn't going away. The Federal government wasn't going to buy the freedom of all the slaves. Several states came close to secession at various times in this period (and slightly before it, too) which would have required force to stop. There were several close calls. Some of the people involved in the politics of the Missouri Compromise of 1820, the Fugitive Slave Laws, the Kansas-Nebraska Act etc. were very smart people, and they could not find a peaceful way through the problem. There were also radicals on both sides who wouldn't let anything happen that went against their ideas. It was a "Gordian Knot" issue that required an "Alexandrian solution" (Alexander the Great unraveled the Gordian Knot with a sword cut.)

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    nope! That's actually why the southern states seceded. The slave-holding states saw that the US government was taking action to gradually and peacefully remove slavery from the US (putting it up to a vote in new states, encouraging emancipation movements, sheltering escaped slaves, etc) and so they decided to form their own new country so that they could avoid this trend. This caused the civil war.

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