What is a decent price to spend on a first car? and is it safe to get my child a mid size SUV?

My daughter loves the Toyota Sequoia, but i think it is way to big for a 16 year old. I am determining whether a Ford Explorer or Nissan Murano would be smart? Help please!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well whether you're talking brand new or not they're all suv's and they are much more safe than any other small 2 door cars so dont think its not safe to get a mid-sive suv or sequoia. The sequoia may eat alot of gas but it would be nice for the snow and a very safe car for her. The murano is nice but they have a short wheelbase so may not be the safest .,,, ford explorers are beautiful as wel

    Lots of luck!

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  • 3 years ago

    nicely, you do not would desire to have journey dozing in a motor vehicle to understand what the hazards are. at the start, it relies upon on the place your motor vehicle is parked. of course, in case you reside interior the ghetto then never. in spite of if it extremely is in a superbly risk-free community, then this is okay. nevertheless slightly risky. I survive an extremely stunning, severe end golfing direction and we get robberies right here nevertheless. in spite of if it extremely is in a gated area, you're completely fantastic. you probable could crack the living house windows open, you under no circumstances understand how the temp. would desire to flucuate for the duration of the night, and every physique desires clean air. in spite of if it extremely is chilly the place you're, get a heater that would not seize hearth to something easily or turn your heater on each and every each and every so often or so. GL! ~Danielle

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