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Amanda Knox / Raffaele Sollecito Released - Your Opinions?

In my opinion this has been one HUGE media circus, which has now thrown so many different scenarios into the equation that it is too hard to even pinpoint what happened on the night that poor Meredith Kercher was murdered.

Rudy Guede is still serving his sentence in prison, so we can only assume that he was definitely involved in the murder of Meredith, since he even admitted it himself.

In my opinion, one of the two acquitted had something to do with the murder, whether they saw it, or were involved in it, I don't think they are innocent.

When I heard the news, I was slightly angry that one minute 2 people are prosecuted and sentenced to 25 and 26 years in prison, and the next minute they are acquitted and there is little evidence to say that they were involved in Meredith's death.

To me, it sounds as if not enough was done in the immediate aftermath of the murder, it seems like there has been too much time for new possibilities and new formalities to occur.

At the end of the day, a young woman was murdered and all I can say is I hope that these 2 who have been acquitted are not guilty and that this does not continue any longer so the Kercher family can have their peace.

What are your opinions?

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    10 years ago
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    what a surprise knox was turned into a minor celebrity given the foxy knoxy title by the press in an attempt to make her appear human , she is white American and pretty with the best lawyer team money could buy I knew she would get away with it

    RIP Meredith

  • 10 years ago

    The case had some very bad work done by the police, they totally ruined all the evidence either by poor handelling of the DNA evidence or total disregard for justice. Knox and Sollecito were blatant police scapegoats, all evidence points to this. They shouldn't have gone to prison originally, I'm glad justice has now been done. I'm fairly sure that if this had happened in the UK it would have been thrown out of court for lack of evidence.

    No (or poor) evidence, no link to scene, no motive. How were they ever guilty? Did they walk in on the murder and witness something? Possibly, or more likely found Meredith after the murderer had left and panicked, gone into shock and not known what to do. Hence the story telling.

    Changing your story has nothing to do with guilt and more to do with a couple of young people who were totally mishandled by the police.

    In all fairness this isn't about the Kircher family anymore. Two people went to prison for crimes they didn't commit. A man is already in prison for killing Meredith. End of story, that story is already finished.

  • 10 years ago

    It was much right if they rest in prison for 25 years or all their life because they deleted a life! They killed meredith because no one other could have a part in the murder... And rudy guede that was the most honest (he confessed a little) it's inside the prison. It's not right that Amanda and Raffaele are now freed! And for rudy just 16 yrs??

    meredith, you are in our hearts, forever

  • 10 years ago

    I think that televisions and the media have interfered too much in this affair, if the court acquitted them the sentence should be accepted hoping that the truth has been established and without forgetting that the first victim is Meredith who died

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  • 10 years ago

    yes...they are innocent and the DNA spoke out in loud volumes!! However, not one person should ever forget the victim of this horrific crime. I hope the Italian Government, re-opens the case, which they should do as some must be held accountable. My prayers to the family, however Justice was Served and long overdue!! Now take the DNA and convict the person who should serve life for this.

  • 10 years ago

    she and her ex are both innocent. look up the bio of the prosecutor and you will see he is a kook that should not have been handling this case in the first place. rudy is the lone killer with history of burglary and knives. the "sex game gone wrong" scenario was totally preposterous

  • 10 years ago

    They got out on a technicality and I hope the appeal finds them guilty.

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